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donimo January 28, 2008 10:19 AM

Xbox 360 media sharing problem
I use my 360 about 75% of the time as a media player for music and (since the winter update) a Divx player (I really do rip my legit DVDs for this purpose) and photo viewer.

I had it working since day one just fine, but one day both my PC's were no longer listed, it just said "computer" and "no PC found on network blah blah".

I have 2 PC's, one Vista, ont XP pro, both have WMP 11 with Media sharing tuned on, both can see the Xbox just fine (can even read the serial number and MAC off it), and to top it all off, the Vista rig and the 360 work just fine with Media Center (totally different than media sharing), I can play all songs and pics, but Divx isnt supported in media center extender on 360, and I cant play my own music in games this way either.

I have called xbox support over 6 times, about 5 hours total and got NOWHERE, the morons on the phone have wrung out my last ounce of patience. I shouldn't have to explain to tech support hot networks and firewalls actually work when I am hardly an expert myself.

I have not changed ANYTHING between the time it worked and iwhen it didnt, one day I am watching the Office on my xbox over the network, the next day neither PC is listed...

Windows Firewall settings have been checked, and shouldnt be an issue as turning on media sharing opens up all the neccesery ports. Both PC's can see the xbox, communicate with it, PLUS media center works, so I doubt it is a hardware issue...

I have about 200 gigs of shows and since the update to the 360 supporting divx (plus it plays it so beutifally, 10x better than my PC does) I have gotten rid of my HTPC setup and cant watch them anymore. I dont have cable so you can see why this is kind of important to me. I may have to finish my house renovations if I cant get this fixed!!!:shok::shok::shok:

t0m January 28, 2008 10:48 PM

that seems pretty random. i hate to ask this of anyone, but did you check to see if all your network cables are nice and tight? tried different cables? did either of your windows machines get any updates? i have been bitten by that one a few times in my life. spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong with my router/nic/drivers etc, only to find that one of my network cables was a tiny bit loose.

another suggestion is to try to find an old xbox, mod it, and use xbmc. i have a 360 and 2 xboxes here, and i dont use my 360 for any media functions at all. xbmc is the way to go imo...

donimo January 29, 2008 09:43 AM

Well, I did check the cables, plus the fact that media center extender works perfectly (except for the fact media center sux) so I have a hard time beleiving its a hardware/infrastructure issue.

Updates, sure, it happened simultaniously (haaa spelling) on my vista rig AND my xp rig though, so unless they released an update for both on the same night that affected xbox connections...

I find that the 360, since the winter divx update, is by far the quickest and easiest way to playback my files, it starts up in 2 seconds, go to videos and they are all there, that and the fact the codec (or whatever, filter, postprocessing etc) is INCREDIBLE. It is honestly better than DVD if the source is any good. Some of the HDTV rips are incredible. So good I ditched my HTPC because it cant touch it...

I REALLY need to fix this, I dont want to hook the old htpc back up, and I dont want to buy anything else for a looong while (xmas/boxing day killed me)

t0m January 29, 2008 10:09 AM

yeah i know it was way out there, but sometimes thats where the answer is lol...

i much prefer xbmc, it supports all formats (even iso and rar, if they have video files in them), uses any file share on your network, mine is about 3x quieter than my 360, and it looks fine over vga at 720. the only downside in no 1080p...

donimo January 29, 2008 10:39 AM

fair enough, well even if I did go some other route for video, I still need to be able to play my own mp3's during games, cant stand the shit they put in some games...

So if anyone has any ideas, lemme know

donimo January 30, 2008 02:16 PM

So... in case anyone feels like calling Xbox support, here is my experience:

Jan 16th (2 hours on phone): First call about this issue. Told him the whole story, that it had worked fine, then stopped for no reason, that it was on a Vista rig AND an XP rig. Was told repeatedly that the issue related to my firewall settings. I mentioned, kindly, about 15 times that I have my firewalls turned completely off. Finally he gets it, the proceeds to tell me it's my routers firewall that is the issue. I kindly remind him that a) a router firewall has nothing to do with PC's hooked to said router and their ability to communicate with each other. Also to prove my point I had set up an unmanaged switch to show that the router firewall could not be an issue. He told me I "was refusing to beleive him" I told him he was wrong, and that I am 100% sure it was not due to firewall settings. I hung up after telling him to log it as "unresolved". If you get someone named "John" hang up.

Jan 16th (2.25 hours on phone): Called back to get someone else, they got me to check some services, that I stated I already checked, such as WMP network sharing etc. They told me that I would be better off calling a different dept, the "media center dept". Told me to call back as they were closed now.

Jan 17th-22 (10+ hours) ended up having a RAM stick die on me, spent a looong time troubleshooting before I discovered this though, unrelated to issue but ate up the weekend. But I ended up with a fresh install of XP pro and WMP 11. Attempted xbox connection before ANY updates were installed. nothing worked, installed udates, nothing worked.

Jan 22 (3+ hours on phone) Called in for the "media center" dept, got someone nemaed "Asia". Went through essentially the same list the other "tech support" people read out of, if I wanted to flip through a "how to fix simple xbox problems" folder I would do it myself online, oh yeah, I DID. at the end she said that she had run out of things to try, and a "senior technician supervisor" would call me back in 24-48 hours, I gave them my cell and work numbers to make sure. Fine, whatever.

Jan 23 (stayed home from curling) waited by the phone, nothing.

Jan 24 (stayed home again) no call.

Jan 25 stayed in and watched movies, not a bad time, but still trapped at home.

Jan 26 (1 hour on phone) spent 90% of it on hold, got hung up on twice and finally got through to have them say that "I was schedualed for a call back tonight between 2-10pm. Fine. BUT THEY NEVER CALLED.

Jan 27th (1 hour on phone) Called in, ripped a strip off some poor girl, she "escalated" it and said I would FOR SURE receive a call in 24-48 hours. Fine, what else can I do right?

Jan 28th no call

Jan 29th (1 hour on phone) no call so I call in at 930pm, get a supervisor after a long time, he tells me there is nothing his dept can do and I need to wait for the other dept to call me, will not give me other dept's number. Assures me that he is sending a "supervisor level" email and I will get a call back.

donimo January 31, 2008 11:58 AM

January 30th : No call

donimo January 31, 2008 06:53 PM

Jan 31 no call, I called it, was told that my call had been reschedualed for tommorow, I said "no". Talked to a supervisor, ran me through the same crap and replied with "I don't know, we will have to get back to you". I am going to go rent an xbox and hook it up and see if it works...

FiG March 1, 2008 03:17 PM

Holy crap! You're having the same problem as me!

I've been living with this for a few months now, and nothing I'm seemingly able to do will make my xbox see my PC's!

I have exactly the same problems as you.. Vista (media player) sees my Xbox just fine, but xbox can't see any pc's.. BUT, I'm able to connect as a windows media center extender! It's crazy!!

So, have you found any information or solutions to this problem??

t0m March 1, 2008 07:15 PM

wow that really sucks. i have seen it now though. i went to set up a friend of mine. pretty much the same situation as you, but it never worked at all...they have a vista machine and an xp, as well as an old xbox and a 360. i put xbmc on the old xbox and its fine to talk to both pcs, but the 360 can only see the vista machine, and xp can only see the 360. the vista machine was a compaq or some store brand, and it was way too slow for vista, so i gave up pretty easy (i waited about 2 minutes for it to delete an empty shared folder i had just made on the desktop).

since im freshly hating on vista right now, has anyone tried this with the vista machine turned completely off/unplugged from the network? i dont have vista running on anything at my place and i never run into problems like this..seems like an easy scapegoat lol

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