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hohohee April 5, 2011 07:12 PM

help on networking wireless
nevermind turns out i have to mess around with my router setup page longer. i went to something and allow the laptop to access kindda like a white list. wo0ho0! glad everythings all fine.

_dangtx_ April 5, 2011 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by hohohee (Post 503398)
i got 3 desktop and 1 ps3 all connected wired ethernet. now just got a new laptop it has built in nic card. im trying to connect to internet and it show names of network.... i choose one and it need password.

now i want to connect to my own internet but then i heard my isp max connection is 4 computers which i already have on 3 desktop and 1 ps3 making 4 already.

can i still connect to my own internet? if so.... how? where do i go? how?

and my router.... i locked my signal to disable strangers entering my network. is this why my laptop wont show my internet on the internet list? do i have to unlock my signal? how do i unlock my signal for the laptop to access while disabling strangers entering my internet?

i went to my router setup page and enable router signal to let my laptop access internet. my internet show up on the list on the laptop.... i chose it and type password... then it says i got in but then no internet connection. whats wrong?

i troubleshoot and it says DNS isnt responding. what i do?

more info usually helps, glad you got it going.

now,remember,no matter how much security you put in there, anyone with some time on there hands can and will break in :D

LarkStarr April 5, 2011 09:21 PM


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