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lcdguy January 14, 2011 02:17 PM

Which OS
So i am building an atom based router for rack mounting. The hardware has been ordered now i just need to decide on the OS any perference and why. I have used them all before and can't decide.

CMetaphor January 14, 2011 02:39 PM

Ive heard good things about PFSense, so my vote goes there I guess, lol.

ilya January 14, 2011 04:42 PM

Out of those 4 I only liked PFsense and Smoothwall, PFsense already got some love so I voted Smoothwall.

Is this for home or work? It seems all your choices are leaning towards commercial style distros.

lcdguy January 14, 2011 04:50 PM

this is for my home install. However i am running some servers on my home network that and i am tired of having to reboot my linksys router all the time.

Perineum January 14, 2011 08:38 PM

smoothwall or pfsense.

lcdguy January 14, 2011 08:54 PM

ya i have been playing around with them in a VM tonight and i really liked pfsense. I like that the QOS is stupid easy to setup. The only catch i can see is there doesn't seem to be any DHCP/DNS Masquerading as i need to pass dhcp option 66 as i have some voip phones on my network that need to boot from a TFTP server. Is this something that can be easily accomplished

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