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the_bandit87 November 12, 2007 11:31 PM

UPS question
I am planning on buying a UPS soon, probably this one from APC http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/pro...14&catid=23278
although not necessarily from futureshop. I was wondering if anyone had any links to sites which would help me calculate the power consumption of my hardware. I plan to run two or three systems off of the UPS, from the top, a Core 2 Duo E6750 with 4x320 gig HDs, an ATI X1650 Video card, 4 gigs of ram, which is powered by a Seasonic 650W PSU. The other two systems are older, a 1.6 P4 Willamette which has two IDE HDs and an Nvida 7600 GT AGP card. This one has a 450 wat PSU. Last system which I may or may not use is an old Compaq Celeron 2.6 which also has two HDs and a PCI video card. I only want the UPS to keep them powered for a very short time, I'm hoping to rig up the USB auto shutdown for them so they turn off when the UPS has to power them off the battery. I'm not sure if I am even posting this in the right place but any help is welcome.

AkG November 13, 2007 04:56 PM

Here you go:
I recommend clicking on the middle link (after you pick your country) that way you can spec how many comps will be running off the UPS.

You should factor in a little bit of wiggle room when getting a UPS. I like to move up a "size" when getting them. That way it leaves room for you to grow. You might also want to sign up for their newsletter. I got it in the mail a few weeks ago and there were some VERY nice deals (like upgrading my older Belkin model to a APC for 35% off on a "trade in" offer)...sorry can't post a coupon code as I used mine already.

Good luck!

the_bandit87 November 14, 2007 05:55 AM

Thanks for the info I was wondering something else too, is it possible to split the USB connectivity of the UPS, so that it can shut both PCs down if I loose power, thats really all I am looking for here, and actually by APCs calculations I could get by with a 750VA or EVEN a 550VA. I'm probably not even going to have the monitor run off of the UPS, just to keep the PCs going so I can press the power button and do a soft shutdown.

AkG November 14, 2007 11:57 AM

In the SoHo (Small Office / Home Office) end of things I truly doubt that you will be able to do it. It is usually only when you get into the server end of the market that you can do that and then you are looking at a much bigger investment. You may be better off getting 2 smaller (and cheaper) ones and getting the software (PowerShute Personal Edition loaded on each computer) to do an graceful shutdown of each system.

Now IF you need to get one to do both APC is the one to get again. When I was doing contract work for Compaq (and then later HP) ALL their server UPS's were APC (to the point where compaq/hp techs would transfer you to APC for any Out Of Warranty replacement!).

A third option is to look around for any used server UPS's (a great place is University's) you may only have to replace a battery (or 12) to get a HUGE ups that will easily handle both comps and let you do network based graceful shutdowns. A few years ago I picked up a honking HUGE 1KW ups that had 9 good batteries and needed only 3 replaced. It worked out that it cost me about $200 total. :thumb:

Hope this helps,

DaleF December 19, 2007 01:58 PM

That UPS isn't going to be abel to handle those three systems. It may not even be able to handle two of them. It only provides 540W of power, and if you use more than that, it'll trip on overload.

ebdoradz December 19, 2007 06:22 PM

im currently using that UPS

OPTI-UPS ES1500C 1500VA 980W AVR UPS 8 Outlets with RJ11/RJ45 & RS232 Com Port - DirectCanada

got the 2 system in sig running on it + the home server which is a Athlon mobile + Asus A7v8x-x + 9800pro + 2 hdd

everthing works fine, i dont use the RS232 thing ....

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