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Default Going over the Cogeco cap?

I got a call from cogeco yesterday but when i picked up no one answered and hung up, so i call back and the woman said she didnt know why they called but she assumed it was because of how far over the cap im going. Im on the plan that has a 60gb cap, and i generally download anywhere from 200-500gb a month, but they only charge up to $30 in overages so i assumed i could go over as far as i wanted at that point since im paying the extra cash. She seemed to think that they were calling to say theyre going to suspend my service for it, but i couldnt find any posts of this happening to people over google.
Does anyone here have cogeco that has had their internet temporarily suspended for going so far over or know someone who has? I dont think its technically legal for them to do that unless it has something to do with that fair use policy bull crap.
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