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Old February 14, 2010, 08:30 AM
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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Infiniti View Post
I thought speedtest results with Shaw are skewed? Wasn't there a problem with speedboost or whatever Shaw calls it?

Only if you opt to activate it, which I never do. But my real world testing is just as sweet. I've hit upwards of 3MB/s downloading .iso's from technet. I'll have to grab a screenshot when I get home.
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Old February 15, 2010, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by helam View Post

well i have finally gotten my mlppp up and running with 2x5MB DSL lines using mlppp. And let's just say. IT'S FREAKING AMAZING.
Really i can't think of a better deal. It's super easy to setup and very reasonably priced. Also did i mention i can now download at up to 1.0 MB/s. yup. I am so gitty right now.
and to prove it. here is a screen shot of a "real world" download test.
Also here are some gratuitous speed test results.
teksavvy's speed test

Can you tell step-by-step how to achieve it?
I have one wet line and mlppp pppoe on wrt54g router + bridged dsl modem speedtouch 516 and I have twice less :-(
not sure what your asking here but i will explain what is needed to do this easily.

1. 1 or more dsl connections from Teksavvy Solutions (they won't let you use non tsi internet anymore so no more bonding of 16MB bell lines and using a teksavvy login)

2. Linksys WRt54G or another compatible router with the tomato firmware from Tomato/MLPPP

3. mlppp service from teksavvy

4. 20 minutes.

Here is the process. Make sure you have 1 or more working dsl connections from teksavvy these can be wet loops, dry loops, or any combination of the 2.

Next you need to make sure teksavvy knows that you are planning on using mlppp as there is an extra fee of $4 per month but it also gives you a static IP and access to their usenet servers.

Load the tomato firmware on the router (you can use windows, but i don't trust anything coming from redmond these days).

Connect the lan port on the first modem to the wan port on the router. Connected the lan port from the second modem to port 1 on the lan on the router.

In the router enter your login credentials for your internet. Set the link mode to multi-link, multiple links (if your using single link mlppp use this) The connection type should be pppoe and the ip mode should be DHCP since teksavvy manages the IP assignment from their end.

Hit save and wait a couple of seconds. It should then connect both links and you should be flying.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact tekavvy or check out there website as i believe they have a bunch of FAQ's on the subject now.
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