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Old September 25, 2008, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by NyteOwl View Post
I sure wish TekSavvy would come to Nova Scotia :(
What's wrong with Eastlink here?

(I mean, other than obvious things, what does TekSavvy do better?)
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Old September 25, 2008, 08:07 PM
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Not sure what "obvious things" you mean but:

1) DSL not cable therefore a dedicated pipe
2) availability of static IP's at a reasonable fee, even a /28 subnet if you want without having to move to business class service with an exorbitant price jump
3) the ability to run servers other than game servers
4) the ability to get a dry-loop and bond two lines for greater bandwidth
5) Eastlink do throttle, public denials notwithstanding. Tecksavvy do not, though they are unfortunately victim to Bell's upstream traffic shaping.
6) I can install the modem and filters myself - no additional cable runs or technicians climbing in my attic at an extra $$$$ cost, nor having to be shooed away from my system.
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Old September 25, 2008, 08:41 PM
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i found something interesting about the mlppp and bonding with teksavvy. Don't mention it on the phone as they have no idea what you will be talking about as the company doesn't offically support mlppp however that feature happens to be enabled on their routers so it will work just don't expect support from tsi for it. With that said if all goes well i will be trying it out either in oct or nov to see how well it works and to see if i can boost my 4.5 mbps connection to a 9mbps :)
and now for something completely different

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Old September 25, 2008, 11:04 PM
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This "potential" for TekSavvy to offer ADSL2+ like ColbaNet is really unfounded. Tek can only offer what Bell allows them to (5Mbps, or 6Mbps for businesses), and I think only a few weeks ago did Bell loosen up -- with heavy restrictions. They've been tossing out an idea of allowing Tek and other providers to offer 12Mbps or so, but with some major bandwidth rules, which TekSavvy is not too happy with.

I'm a cynic. I don't expect to have ADSL2+ for at least another year, more likely two. Well, more likely just ADSL2, with speeds getting closer to ADSL2+ in the span of 5 years.

I wonder how things are over in Alberta and Saskatchewan... They've got some more up-to-date companies over there (like SaskTel, who is updating their infrastructure for VDSL2!).
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