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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bojangles View Post
May I ask why you would even want OSX on this thing? Did you check to see if OSX86 is compatible with this hardware?
I looked into it before the purchase. Seems I will have to replace the wifi card unless there has been recent kext progress and nobody has been clear on the mic and headphone jacks but if I have to I will damn well strap a USB soundcard to the lid of the thing. That would be a good opportunity to add a bus powered slim slotloading drive as well...

Anyway, I want OS X on it for IRC and webbrowsing and other IM and other light crap. That is because I really need a machine like that for use when I have a fullscreen game running that has no windowed mode or cannot be switched out of on my desktop. This also allows me to reboot my desktop into other operating systems without disturbing browser tabs or other communications programs and such. I really love how the applications I currently use function and look as well.

I was using my old G3 PowerBook for this duty but it never had a battery, the hinges eventually gave out, it was old(1998), PowerPC(no Windows OS at decent speeds and no x86 only Mac apps), and it's HDD eventually failed as well. I have had a taste of running a notebook for light stuff and desktop for heavy stuff side by side and there is no way I am going to give it up now.

But the biggest reason perhaps, I want to dedicate my desktop rig to Windows and Linux for gaming. Don't get me wrong, I love OS X and it is extremely stable and otherwise awesome but I need to be able to get games locally be them new or used instead of having to download over dialup or order them and wait for the mail.

When I end up using my desktop for everything gaming is just not quite as frequent as I would like. Yes, I have quite a few games that run in OS X(my latest obsession has been BF2 and I should be getting CoD4 in the mail soon), but when I am distracted by other applications constantly they just don't get used as much as I would like.

Armed with Darwine, Cider, CrossoverGames and VMware plenty of windows apps and games can be run. In fact just before making this post I used UniWS(run in Darwine) to patch NFS U(run with Cider) for widescreen support on my recently purchased Acer X223W. :)
But still, I have not had much luck with LFS and license keys, and while N2003 +1970 cars&sounds&non-oval tracks runs well in CrossoverGames, crossover does not emulate a pause/break key so if I ever enter the menu during a race I cannot resume racing and I must either pit my car or restart the race.

As I said, I got a taste of using a portable and desktop side by side and I am not going to give it up.

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