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fubar September 13, 2017 12:35 PM

Phone problem: need ideas?
I broke my phone. Never thought I'd be 'one of those.' I guess it happens?

Repair shops ensure me that it just needs a new screen - $150 (screen and sensor - one shop never mentioned the sensor but I believe it needs a new one so kudos for the one guy - 'cuz he's probably right).

However..... I don't know if I should trust that to fix it and anyway, $150 is a lot....isn't it?

What used phones are out there - that is worth it? Not too many? And which phone should I go for?

I have a busted LG G4. There's a few issues and annoyances with it - which I assume will continue with a repair?

I found some used ones - G4 - about $175 or thereabouts and one a bit more. I will only consider it if they are flexible on price and one seller isn't.

What would should/would I/you do? :)

I'm on a family plan and I don't know much about it except it's with Rogers and the contract is up in March. I think there are some companies that let you 'recycle/trade-in' your phone and you get a credit - but, I noticed those use a 2-year contract and some agreement (pay so much $$ for the phone and then you get X plan - whatever that is). I suppose these aren't an option now but maybe later? So, maybe I shouldn't even look at those options now?

I'm just trying to determine the best option. Any advice?

MARSTG September 14, 2017 04:06 PM

Used phone in the 150$ range. If you want a new phone now, usually the penalty is 20$/every month left so it would be 120$.

supaflyx3 September 14, 2017 04:09 PM

Honestly, do not fix your G4 or get another one. They're all timebombs waiting to bootloop. Look in to Xiaomi phones if you want something under $200 with good specs.

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