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Default Rikomagic MK802 IV isn't that special

This is a rant thread so read at your own risk :P

So I recently purchased the Rikomagic MK802IV Android Stick. What's the point of an android stick you say? Well to make your TV "smart" without the need to buy a "smart" TV. For the low price of 90$ you get this designed and made in china stick that barely functions. It cannot do what it's supposed to do, let me explain.

I was planning to use this as a retro game console device. Sadly though they're many problems with it. Let's start with the essential task when getting a new device. Updating it, good lord this is the most convoluted piece of crap I've ever seen. The device cannot be updated via the Android settings... Nooooo it has to be updated via a PC shady as ****? Well I decided to run it in a VM just to make sure. The documents explains the update procedure with impeccable English (google translated Chinese to English if you're wondering.) Basically you need to "reset" the device with a piece of thin metal WHILE holding the reset button you plug in the micro USB cable to the OTG port (they're two micro USB ports btw). Windows will be like Unknown Device detected. So normally when you update something with a USB cable they should include the USB driver in the package right? Hell no! You have to download the USB driver off another place while enjoying that sweet 500 Kbps download speed limit... Btw the only way to get the USB drivers are from another older firmware update.

So after what I assumed was an eternity. The batch tools found it and installed the firmware without any problems hurray one thing that worked during this misadventure.

ok time to initialize for the first time this stick. One long ass boot time later the first thing I noticed was that it was displaying at 720p and not 1080p. Apparently the firmware was to be blame oh well. Next up in the fuckery was connecting to my Wi-Fi router HAHAHA fat chance there's only one floor (router in main floor, I tested it on the 2nd floor) between me and the router. Thing cant connect worth shit. It finds it alright but can't get an IP address from it. So I decided to move it to my playstation display which is three feet away from the router. It works hurray!

Now then time to download some apps! Why is it taking forever to download? Ok the Wi-Fi chip that people in forums complained about wasn't supposed to be in my version of the MK802IV but it was. Good lord the people on the forums were right. It sucks! The blasted thing cannot download above 1 Mbps (tested it when downloading stuff from my NAS) So as you can imagine. It can't watch YouTube videos since it'll keep causing a buffering issue. So now my retro gaming console idea is ruined hurray! At that point I was furious at it. So unplugged it, put it back into the box and asked for an RMA because it's a piece of shit.

Lesson of the day (gonna be edgy here) :Chinese made things are OK since they have some American /European supervisors in their factories. A 100% Chinese company however begs for trouble... Avoid this product and probably the company at all costs.
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