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Old March 29, 2014, 10:20 AM
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Default Macbook Pro, 2006 + Vista Bootcamp = Malfunctioning heat sensors

Hey Guys,

As the title reads, I have an older Macbook Pro (2006) which is running a bootcamped vista OS. I installed "Macs Fan Control" by CrystalIdea right away before installing windows updates/drivers/programs or the bootcamp drivers, so that I may first overcome the overheat issues that many have after bootcamping their MBP's. Everything in this fan control program was accurate including temperatures, and I could set the RPM's for anywhere between 1000-6000RPM either constantly, or dynamically based on specific diode temperatures in the MBP. Everything is great so far... right?

I installed windows updates and drivers without any issue, and after a few reboots, the fan control program still depicted accurate temperatures across the board, and set the fan speeds accordingly. I then threw in the Mac OSX DVD and installed the bootcamp drivers. Everything works seamlessly (bluetooth, isight, back lit keyboard, sound, etc). Only One thing is now way, wayyyy off.

Temperature readings. Unfortunately, I have no longer have accurate temperature readings for the system to reference, and set the fans RPM accordingly to. Most of the sensors now show 0C, and the others show 32C, than quickly spike to 64C, and back to 32C. The only accurate temps, are the hard drive, and the Intel Core Duo T2600 (as shown below in the pic), but I cannot select the T2600's temps as a reference.

The fans in "Macs Fan Control" say that they are running anywhere from 1000-16'000RPM (Which I'm not sure is even possible) Also, now in the fan control, the minimum threshold I can set my fans to is 10'000RPM, rather than 1000RPM. I double checked the readings with HWMonitor, and they too depict goofy temperatures.

This seemed to have happened as a result of installing the Mac OSX bootcamp drivers. I can live with the inaccurate readings, but the Macbook will certainly overheat if I don't give it an accurate sensor to reference it's fan control to. I could let it run at full RPM's 24/7, but I would rather not wear out the fans. This puppy is old enough as it is.

Any Idea's?


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Old March 29, 2014, 01:01 PM
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First thing I would try (if you haven't already) is to uninstall the program and then install it again to see if that fixes thing.

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