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musicman September 15, 2012 05:59 PM

Best Laptop Under 1500
Hi there,
I recently decided to get rid of my big old gaming rig and get a nice laptop that I can bring to school with me. I know desktops pretty well, but laptops not quite as much. Whatever laptop I get must be able to run programs like AutoCAD, 3DS MAX, MAYA, etc., and be able to run SC2 on ultra fairly well. I would likr to spend around $1400. I know ASUS are really good for that price range, but so are MSI and Clevo. I've been looking at the ASUS G75VW-RS72, and Clevo P150EM, but I also saw an ASUS N76 today that really caught my eye and was a lot thinner than the other ones I was looking at, but it only had a GT 650 so I'm not sure if it will satisfy my requirements.
Just looking for some other opinions.

HwangMiHee October 6, 2012 07:26 PM

I wish you luck on your purchase!

I myself am trying to find a schooling laptop with intentions of gaming as well and have the budget around the same as yours. Though I do like Asus quality and there unbeatable 1 year accidental damage warranty, I'm actually looking at the MSI's GT line up as they seem to have more variety in specs + price.

Best of luck to your purchase.

Reflexnotebook October 29, 2012 07:43 AM

Yea I back the GT70.

It's not a custom built laptop but Bang for Buck this laptop has mostly all you need.

Last I checked Many of the MSI models have Mail in rebate on a monthly basis as well.

I'm sporting a Sager ( Clevo ) 6165 with a 120Gb SSD and for the price I payed, I'm very happy.

SKYMTL October 29, 2012 08:43 AM

Another option is Eurocom. They may not have the flashiest designs by they are based out of Ontario and have excellent customer service: Eurocom Corporation - Number 1 in Desktop Replacement Notebook Technology

And they aren't a fly by night operation either. They supply professional notebooks for some of the largest corporations around.

Personally though, I am in love with the Alienware M14x.

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