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Old April 16, 2008, 12:50 PM
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My System Specs

Default Friendly's Upgrade Project

a couple of things will be happening soon with my Acer 5920G. some of you may recall a post I made talking about how it's almost fully upgradeable...CPU, GPU (circumstances dictating, mind you), RAM, HDD, even the internal wireless (and had my model had it, Bluetooth...tho apparently there may be some work arounds available, if I was gutzy enough).

RAM and HDD are nothing new, almost any unit can do that now. the CPU, GPU and the rest are particularly outstanding tho. if you have a Socket P (forget the numeric designation), your CPU is as upgradeable as your BIOS will allow. I've scored a deal for a 2.2ghz and I already have 4GB (2x2GB Buffallo DDR2-667 SODIMM) ready to install (well, only 2GB on my person, the other 2GB is ordered tonight with NCIX sale).

I'm looking forward to this, as I've not yet looked at the guys of my laptop, I've been so busy using it day in and day out. I'm also tired of being the last one to get into the server I'm playing on with my buds (it's crazy, BF2 can shut down and reload into Special Forces [does that if you loaded into the orginal game first] and be in the server before my system has even finished reloading into SF) cause my T5250 is so slow!

2.2ghz should put me on a much more even playing field, so still slower...the increase in RAM is gonna be good to.

OH, guess it should be mentioned I'll be moving up into Vista Ultimate x64 (MSDN buddy of mine gave me his license), so I will see all 4GB of my RAM and not suffer the memory consequences of a 8600M GT w/512MB DDR2 on a 32bit OS. just have to figure out if upgrading my GPU is feasible...my resolution is rather low at 1280x800, so having 512MB of DDR2 is wasteful, I'd much rather have 256MB of GDDR3...tho, if the newer Penryn 5920G's have the newer 9500M GT's or 9600M GT's in them and the TDP is similar to my card, it may be a go to install one of them too!
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