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Arkilion August 20, 2011 12:43 PM

Need a new Laptop
Hello, I'm looking for a new laptop, and comments lol.

I need something for the school. I'm studying in programming, last year of technique (cegep in quebec) and then few years of university. Mostly programming, almost no gaming.

I currently have an alienware m17x, which was good as I didn't have any desktop home, but I build one, so now, this monster is just too much... it's more than 2 year old (doesn't mean anthing but anyways...) and I'll give it to my brothers.

I've spotted the new MSI X460, which seems really good, but as there's only 1 copy-pasted review posted on every websites of the world, I'd like to know what people think about it.

I want something small, but not mini, I means, 14" is good, 15.6" is the max max max limit this time, forgot about 17+, and less than 14" is just too small... And I want something light too... my back hates my laptop, as it's just a enormous heavy monster, something like 8kg+ and 17.3" which take too much space in a bag lol. And something with good battery life, as I'll be using it in bus too, (2hrs+ / day).

So well, I like the i7 2630qm, I don't really want to go for the 2cores one (2620 and less), and higher one are just too expensive(like the i7 2720qm). I don't really care about the gpu, a blu-ray drive, high-res screen. For the battery life, I'm looking for at least 5hrs+

That's why I ended choosing the X460, at a good price imo (1 099$), but if anyone know something better or about the same, but cheaper, I want to know :P

Thanks !

Andy August 20, 2011 01:56 PM

I just got a Sager NP5165 ... and for the price you aren't going to find much better. I would definitely check out some of the online retailers that custom build Sagers, Asus, MSI etc. I won't buy another laptop of the shelf again. I went with XOTICPC and their service has been great. There are numerous other ones though.

p3t3rson August 20, 2011 02:15 PM

Personally, I would go with the MacBook Air. Ultra light, well built and long battery life. If you need Windows just run boot camp.

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