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sswilson January 21, 2008 09:09 PM

ITX &/or Pica rigs out there?
Ok, I've looked at this kind of stuff before, but it's really got me wondering now if anybody is running one of these things connected to their LCD tvs.

I ran across an ad for this site VIA EPIA, Jetway J7F2 & J7F4 and MSI Fuzzy Products from E-ITX.com and rooting around the stuff there I started thinking about the possiblities for a small non-htpc rig that would be around the size of an external drive enclosure but would be fully capable of general computing duties when plugged into a wide screen TV.

Anybody running something like this, or know somebody who is? Looks to me like a fully functional rig could be put together for around $500.

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