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Default Blackberry Trekbuddy offline GPS Navigation Tutorial with Application pack

I have noticed that quite a few people would like to b e able to use GPS on their blackberries without a data plan, or in places where there are no cell signals. So i decided to write a tutorial for people out there that want this.

Things you'll require:
1: Computer with Internet Access and Blackberry Desktop Manager.
2: Blackberry with GPS capabilities. (obviously)
3: A MicroSD Card, i suggest at least a 4GB card if you want to map out around 100 square miles.
4: SD Card reader or USB cable for your berry.
5: The Ability to follow basic instructions.

Step 1:
Download (download URL will be up soon) rar file with all the programs, and blackberry apps you'll need.

Step 2:
Unrar the files to your desktop, and open up Blackberry Desktop Manager. Plugin your blackberry and install Trekbuddy in the root of the folder.

Step 3:
Open up Trekbuddy on your berry, it should prompt you to create a folder on your SD card click "yes" Then hold down # until you see something that looks like crosshairs come on your screen, then press menu and hit "Start". This should turn on your GPS and if you see a compass in about 30 seconds you're set, if not you'll have to troubleshoot.

Step 4:
Go to the folder "Map Tools" and open up "Mobile Atlas Creator" (you'll require java to be installed on your computer for this). Once that opens, click the drop down under "Map Source" and select "Google Maps". You can select Google Hybrid if you prefer, but from my experience the map files turn out HUGE (over 1GB just for my city). Now drag the Zoom selector at the top middle of the screen and set it to zero, now scroll with your mouse on where abouts you want to make a map of then go to the map and left click & hold, and drag across the map where you want to make a map. A pink box should pop up, everywhere that's inside the pink box will be apart of the map you're making. After you're done that head over to the Zoom Levels box at the top right, and select the zoom levels you want. I Suggest 17,16,14,12,10 & 9.
Now the hard part is done (if you'd like to call it that.) Beside "Name" you enter what you want to name your maps, then click "Add Selection" right above the text field. Now check to make sure that "Trekbuddy tared Atlas" is the format under "Atlas settings". If it isn't change it so it is. Now hit "Settings" and head over to the Directories Tab and select where you want the maps to be saved to then hit OK. Depends on the zoom levels and size of the area you selected it will take in between 10-120 minutes to save the maps, after this is done we can get to testing!!

Step 5:
Now that you're done creating the maps, all you have to do is put them on your berry! Plug your berry in and put it in USB mass storage mode, or put the SD card in your reader, and then go to "Trekbuddy -> Maps" now remember where you saved your maps? open up that folder and you should see a folder with the name you selected and a winrar archive named "cr". Drag these both in to the maps folder on your berry and you're just about done.

Step 6:
Unplug your berry from your computer, or put the SD card back in and open up TrekBuddy. Once that's open press Menu, and select "Load Atlas" Then select "cr.tar" Then an option to select a layer pops up, this should be what you named your maps, select that. Now it gives you a list of maps you made, it should be "Mapname 09 Mapname 10 Mapname 15" etc, whatever zoom levels you chose. I suggest choosing "Mapname 16" if you selected that as a zoom level, as i find that's the best suited view for blackberries. It should give you an option to set that as your default, select Yes. Once your map is load press menu then "start" and this will start your GPS receiver, wait a couple mins and it should be up and running, just press down on your trackball and it should jump to your location.

This pretty much wraps up this tutorial, i will be updating this regularly to include pictures, how to enable turn by turn navigation etc.

I hope this helps anyone out there that require offline GPS, or want to save a few bucks.
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