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JD August 4, 2010 09:33 AM

HTC Desire on Telus
So what are you guy's thoughts on the HTC Desire on Telus? Both opinions on the the phone and Telus would be great.

Never owned a smartphone before, nor have I used any contract-service. By most standards, I'm probably the lightest cellphone user around here. However, I'd like to have a better phone :whistle: WiFi and 3G will be nice so I can browse the web on the go and what not.

The phone itself seems solid. Mainly good reviews on it. Rumour has it will be $449 without contract, and $79.99 on a 3-yr contract. Seems quite reasonable IMO.

Regarding Telus though, I know some will say they're good others will say they're terrible (like any other provider around), so if we set customer service aside, how about actual network reliability and signal across Ontario? Don't typically travel too far outside of Toronto/GTA, but the odd time I go further up north to cottage country.

And is a 3yr contract worthwhile? Or should I just buy the phone outright and pay by the month? Either way it's $50/month.

enaberif August 4, 2010 09:35 AM

1) Can't go wrong with a HTC phone
2) Telus isn't THAT bad; I have no complaints at all.

You can check their coverage on their website if your concerned.

3 yr contracts aren't that bad if you can't outright buy the phone.

LarkStarr August 4, 2010 10:43 AM

Telus = fantastic. 1 year with them personally and with my work. any issues were resolved very quickly, and the first time without talking to a stupid sales rep for hours at a time.

HTC = fantastic too, but I have no experience with the Desire

miggs78 August 4, 2010 12:32 PM

+1 on the last 2 comments, been with Telus for the past 7 years and no complaints, happy with them. I like their Loyalty (retention) dept., you start getting special promos the more older you be with them.

HTC - Well great cell phone manufacturer, great support = win win. Although I would suggest you wait to see some reviews/user opinions on the Desire..

Keywork August 4, 2010 12:40 PM

I've been with telus for 6 years now I believe and I can't really complain about their service. I get pretty crumby reception around my home but everywhere else seems to be okay. It probably doesn't help I have a POS phone though. I extended my contract in September for 1 year when they were rolling out their HSPA network so that I wouldn't get stuck with a CDMA phone during the transition and they offered a solid plan for the meantime. Conveniently, with only a month left in the contract, I drop my phone into a rubbermaid container of ice water on the weekend and the screen now only displays a white background. Looks like loyalty and retention will be getting a call shortly from me.

Back to the phone though, The only 2 current smart phones I would consider from telus right now are the Milestone and the Desire. The Hero is solid but it most likely won't get Froyo. I've been on the Telus website checking for the desire to be available for the last 2 days, but it's still in the "coming soon" state. It's going to be a bad ass phone as far as i'm concerned. Not sure what pricing will be on it though.

martin_metal_88 August 4, 2010 01:23 PM

Telus is like any phone company, if you call and the rep you get is pissed of or is dumb you will have a hard time, if not it will be great:) I personnally had issue with them and finally it end by talking to someone that said just, ha that's a such stupid issue give me 1 sec, ok it's done you are good to go. Thing's happen. HTC is also a never wrong.

JD August 4, 2010 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by miggs78 (Post 411590)
HTC - Well great cell phone manufacturer, great support = win win. Although I would suggest you wait to see some reviews/user opinions on the Desire..

It's been out elsewhere in the world for a while now. Basically running the same hardware as the Nexus One from what I gather. However Telus's version will probably have the SLCD rather than the AMOLED. No biggie though and the SLCD works better in sunlight anyhow I believe. HTC claims lower power usage too.

So since I can afford the phone outright, should I just buy it? I don't really see the difference though? Fairly sure I'll keep the phone for 3 years.

Jackquelegs August 4, 2010 03:53 PM

Telus has some of the best 3g coverage in the country. However customer service at times sure is lacking

headsh0t August 4, 2010 06:26 PM

When I first signed with Telus, reception wasn't the geatest and I would get dropped calls sometimes, but they've must of dont some work out here cause for the past few years reception has been great. Not sure about 3G as I've never had a data plan, so can't comment on speeds and such. I had one bad experience with some grumpy CSR chick and funny enough my call dropped while I was talking to her so she gave me a discount on my next bill lol. I called in the other day to activate a new old phone and got through right away and the rep was kind and friendly.

I've also been waiting for them to launch the HTC Desire before I resign my contract. Have they launched it yet? I hope you're right on it being $80 for a 3year contract. Maybe I can even get it for free if I push. I HAVE been with them for almost 6 years now.

Aloy August 4, 2010 07:32 PM

As of yesterday (Aug. 3) when I spoke to a rep here in Vancouver there was still no sign of the Desire. I asked if they had received the dummy units or any training and she said no not yet. Nothing has shipped yet and in her opinion it would be another 2 weeks!!

From all the reviews it's a great unit but it seems like every week something new shows up. I can jump from Telus anytime so I'm keeping my options open. The new Galaxy S that Bell is bringing in soon sounds good. In some ways it's better than the Desire and in others not so good. The dance continues....

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