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magnosis July 12, 2010 02:45 PM

1st laptop - ASUS vs SONY
I'm about to purchase my first laptop ever.
I am well versed in computer jargon; built, modded and oc'd several pc's recently.

My firm requirements:
- 1600px horizontal resolution or more
- non-glossy screen, unless it's uber-bright
- 4GB RAM or more
- 320G drive or more
- non-slippery wrist-rest area
- full keyboard + keypad

Wish list:
- 800$-1200$
- Intel > AMD
- 2nd HDD bay, for RAID capability in the future, maybe SSD's

Interesting models:
- ASUS K72JK - i5 430M / 4G / 500G / HD5145 / 17.3", 850$
- ASUS N71JV - i3 350M / 4G / 500G / GT325M / 17.3", 930$
- SONY VPCEC25 - i3 350M / 4G / 500G / HD5470 / 17.3" / BluRay, 999$
- SONY VPCF1290 - i7 720M / 8G / 320G / GT310M / 17.3" / Big Battery, 1175$

- SONY VPCF120 - i5 430M / 4G / 500G / GT310M / 16.4", 1100$ (only@futureshop, bleeeeh)

Scottyboy85 July 12, 2010 04:04 PM

In my experience Sony's warranty is terrible

ilya July 12, 2010 04:10 PM


Originally Posted by Scottyboy85 (Post 402472)
In my experience Sony's warranty is terrible

+1, not just on their laptops, but I've had a lot of bad experiences with their TVs.
They recall Vaio's pretty often due to heat/battery issues, but only because people have actually been injured. They've had 2 entire lines of TVs with latent defects and none of them were recalled/compensated for until a few class action lawsuits went through, and that was only for the US.

I've had a lot of DOA Asus products in the past, but I have NEVER had any issues with their warranty support. They are extremely helpful as long as you stay polite and courteous, and they ship replacements free of charge most of the time. Not to mention they have the best laptop warranty. (on paper at least)

Zero82z July 12, 2010 11:31 PM

Sony laptops look fancy but they have terrible build quality and reliability issues. ASUS laptops are excellent, and that would be my number one choice. Toshiba's newer models are also very good.

dustin1706 July 12, 2010 11:56 PM

I've had great luck with Toshiba. The new ASUS lappys look sweet though.

Generic User #2 July 13, 2010 12:51 AM

if you got a contact in the states, you might want to look into the HP Envy 14

mneszt July 13, 2010 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by Generic User #2 (Post 402646)
if you got a contact in the states, you might want to look into the HP Envy 14

But then the warranty won't be valid right? You get screwed if you end up having a hardware failure.

miggs78 July 14, 2010 01:33 PM

Asus hands down, there are so many reasons why Asus is better than Sony, one that really seals the deal for me is the 2yrs warranty out of the box, for free.!!

Sony's warranty is not only terrible, it is a rip off, the prices on some of those warranties are unreal.
Asus N71Jv gets my vote, the GT325M is a pretty good gpu, you can game on it as well, and I'm not entirely sure but I believe they have Nvidia's Optimum technology..

The only Sony laptop I would go for is the Sony F series laptops.. have pretty good reviews..

YukonTrooper July 14, 2010 02:38 PM

It depends on the model. Making a choice solely dependent on the manufacturer isn't the best way to approach purchasing a laptop. For example, I had an Asus UL30A for a couple of days, and while the battery life, aluminum chassis and design were nice, the keyboard had some pretty bad flex, the screen was worse than average for similar notebooks, and the rocker style mouse and trackpad were absolutely horrid. My Lenovo U450p, on the other hand, is an absolute delight to use, even though its 6-cell battery only offers half the life of the UL30A (still around 5 hours, which is good enough for me).

Eldonko July 14, 2010 03:38 PM

Features being the same and choosing strictly on brand I would definitely go with ASUS. Reason 1 - warranty, reason 2 - sony tax.

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