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ImmaPC May 27, 2009 06:36 PM

Longest Battery Life Netbook?
I've been researching a bit with not many results (other than the Samsung NC10)for netbooks that are just your standard netbook with a long battery life (6hrs+). As I said I found the NC10 and many people report getting up to 8 hours on it, which is excellent for me. It also looks nice, but the trouble is that its only avaliable out of Canada (i.e. in the U.S, from Amazon), and it would be a total rip to get one shipped in because of shipping costs, border fees, and the exchange rate. What's a decent netbook with the longest battery life READILY AVAILABLE in CANADA? :haha:

JD May 27, 2009 07:10 PM

Anything with a 6-cell? Maybe something with a LED backlit screen too...

And well battery life is dependent on your usage and screen brightness mainly.

ImmaPC May 27, 2009 07:29 PM

On my laptop I normally have no backlight or the brightness set to 0, sometimes I crank it up only a little bit. I probably wouldn't even be using it to full-load, just office applications (most likely OpenOffice) and web-browsing, like all netbooks are for =D

Indeed, 6-cell books do have longer battery life, but then again the life it has goes up and down from netbook to netbook. It's hard to tell. Perhaps I should fork over the extra cash for the NC10?

Cheator May 27, 2009 08:19 PM

I have my Aspire One here with a 9 cell battey from ebay :) 7 hours of wonderful charge! And it was like 40 bucks from ebay.

Realityshift May 28, 2009 12:11 AM

Yeah MSI has a 9 cell netbook that has amazing battery life, 11 hours or so on medium power saver settings, NCIX has them but stock is always up and down. My gf just bought the 6 cell version and she gets between 8 and 9 hours straight of battery life, that little thing is amazing, just as fast as her old laptop but runs cooler and WAY longer.

ImmaPC May 28, 2009 12:11 AM

$40 for the Aspire 1 or the battery?

Still, like I said I'd prefer to save shipping and buy it at a full-on store. I'm still leaning towards the NC10 and paying the extra coin to ship it in. Dammit!

Through continued research I`ve also found the NC10-11PBK, which is dubbed the NC10 Special Edition, with an even longer 9hr+ battery life, more storage, and wireless N. Great...

EDIT: Sorry Realityshift, it seems we posted at approximately the same time =D. TY for your input especially, I will look into the 9-cell Wind.

Double-Edit: Upon further research the MSI Wind 9-cell does impress with a reported 8-9hr battery life, but it's a 9-cell and I would prefer to have a 6-cell for the lesser cost, etc. It's on special now at NCIX, if I can sell my lappy in time I can get one. I'm not terribly picky but I'm not one for the thing's looks...eugh...:blarg:

Looking at other netbooks looks for the same-ish battery life and I'm still kinda gagging. Meh, I'll go for that wind, I'm a function over form person, but do want stuff to look...decent...

Lulz, at the same time I was researching shipping in an NC10 from the U.S, or even a Special Edition from the U.S. Apparently right now its hard, like really hard to find a vendor that will ship to Canada, plus it will be a huge cost for border fees, exchange rate, and not to mention just the long-distance shipping (depending where its coming from). Then theres a whole whack of problems with things like the warranty, and even the keyboard is an S.O.B because it's U.S. English or something like that. I dunno what the difference would be between U.S. and U.K. or Canada English keyboard, but seemingly it causes many people a pain in the ass so I decided not to go for it. :whistle:

Realityshift May 28, 2009 05:53 PM

Having used the MSI wind, the EEE 1000HA and the Acer one, as well as the new HP minis and the LG variants I can tell you without a doubt the MSI is the best I have used. Awesome display, really well layed out keys vs all the others we tested, amazing battery life, very good build quality and I personally think it looks better then all of the others besides the HP mini, but the minis only come with 3-cells >.<. I spent about a month testing every netbook I could get my hands on because the gf decided she wants one... I know them all pretty much inside and out now... the wind U100 also looks very similar to the NC10, other then the case colors its very similar. Dont buy the wind U120, its not as good as the U100, it lost battery life and even a little performance over the U100.

Like I said though even the 6 cell U100 is a great netbook with awesome battery life, the 9 cell seems to be good for up to 12 hours with the 6 cell hovering around 8.5, to me anything over 6 hours (normal school day for the GF) is enough, she only needs it to be good for the entire school day till she can get home and plug it in. Even then the charge times are pretty quick as well.

One of the all time biggest problems with netbooks though is keyboard layouts, so many of the new netbooks have the WORST layouts, making it really hard to type on and get used to them, the acer 1 is horible for this, atleast we found it to be, the EEE pc was a little better, but the msi was the best, it had the best tactile feel and the best laid out keys of them all. Nothing is worse then going for a key that isnt there or that is to small and to close to another...

reaverclan May 29, 2009 11:02 PM

i just purchased a asus 1000HE ill tell u how it goes supposed to have at least 8 hours of life.

martin_metal_88 May 30, 2009 04:49 AM

I give you the answer guys, EEE PC1000HE, we give one to the quebec gouvernement for them to thest these little monster and they repport us it can do up to 10.2 hours under use and more than 15 hours on sleep mode. Wow thats a great life for a battery. I think the Asus win the game.

Ask for more

gingerbee May 30, 2009 06:11 AM

any atom using standby last a long time wife go's days with out recharging

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