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butor20022 April 14, 2009 11:25 AM

Laptop advice
Looking for a laptop

- no gaming
- Good battery life
- longevity: I'm ready to sacrifice on the GPU to get a more powerful processor
- Good display (brightness)
- Screen: 15' (min)
- keyboard touch not too small
- Dont care for the look/style
- Doesnt have to be super light
- Doesmt have to be rugged (will remain mostly at home)

budget: 1200-1400 $.

I've looked at the Dell "studio 15" or the "XPS M1530".
(I'm ok with DELL, but I wonder If i can get the same for less $$$)

Thund3rball April 14, 2009 11:53 AM

I love my M1530, the Studio seems like a plastic POS to me. I'd never buy one. With the 1530 you might as well get the 8600GT as you are already paying for the 8400GS and the 8600GT performance is leagues better. Honestly other than the Workstations (M6400, M6500) and the now "old tech" M1530, Dell's line this year is crap. For your needs I'd go with a Lenovo T500.

Lenovo - Notebook computers - ThinkPad T Series

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