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Cowinacape November 1, 2008 10:27 PM

Acer laptop noob, question(s)
Ok so I know that Acer is not everyones first choice, but this machines specs fit the bill for what I wanted, so with that said. I have a question or two for anyone else who owns a Acer lappy.

For what it is worth I have a Aspire 6390/Vista Home Something or another 64 bit 4gig ram ram/320 hdd.

So i powered it up, got rid of the Macaffee/MS Office demos, made my 3 dvd backup. Which leads me to my questions.

I now have to visible partions for the HDD 1 @142 gig, and one @ 138 gig, is two partitions normal for Acer? Also I am comming up a little short on my HDD space, even allowing for formating it would seem.

1) Can the machine be reformatted, and restored from the backups on one partition? Figured I should ask before I start installing what I want on it.

2) The three dvds I just burned as a back up, do they contain "my" copy of Windows, the drivers ect? I say "my" copy as I kind of expected to see at least a Windows disk in the box, but this being my first laptop/Acer product and all I, not really sure what I should be expecting.

I'd much rather run this as a single partition machine, and simply back it up to an external HDD, am I expecting to much?

Thanks Peeps!

geokilla November 1, 2008 10:56 PM

I have an Acer laptop. I 'll try my best :)

1. Two partitions is normal for Acer I believe. I have two as well. There's a hidden partition which restores everything back to factory default.

2. The laptop can be reformatted. I think my answer above will answer your question. I formatted my laptop and now it's faster than even if I reset everything to factory default. Plus, I was told that I can restore the laptop back to factory default settings thanks to that hidden partition.

3. You didn't need to burn the DVDs unless they changed something. I burnt the DVDs but I can still restore everything back to factory default by using that hidden partition.

I myself like to use partitions. However, each person have their own preference so good luck to you.

MacJunky November 2, 2008 12:38 AM

Burning backups to DVDs initially is handy if the HDD fails or if you want a bigger one later
With my Aspire One I ended up just making an image of the whole HDD after I cleaned out some of the crap so I have the choice of either using the recovery partition _or_ just restoring from my backup image and avoiding all the cleaning of the pre-installed crap.

Of course, completely wiping the HDD and doing a retail install of windows + any needed drivers then backing that up would really be best I suppose.

misterlarry November 2, 2008 06:49 AM

This is good thread for me to watch. I should have a new Acer laptop showing up tomorrow or the next day. I was just planning on deleting the BS apps, installing the basic utilities that I want, defragging the HD and registry and then making my recovery disk(s). But if too much room is taken up by the hidden partition, I may have to get a copy of windows and re-partition and format.


Cowinacape November 2, 2008 11:32 AM

Well there certainly seems to be no loss of BS programs on this thing :doh: Well I think I am going to back into this machine and delete al the "freebie" game demos and other xs cargo, then burn up another set of b.u. disks, then try reformatting and see what I get. thanks for the input people greatly appreciated!

Cowinacape November 4, 2008 01:34 PM

So short update, tried several times to to 86 what was on the hard drive, never did manage to get rid of the two protected partitions that are on there. One being (I assume) the Acer recovery partition at about 15 gigs or so, and one smaller partition of about 1 gig. Never was able to get rid of the C or D partitions :censored: tried Partition magic, tried acronis tried a couple other things never could even get the C & D partitions merged :censored: while leaving the other two partitions alone. I would of been happy with C & D as one partition :censored: <-- there was a lot of this between Saturday and Monday.

I did use teh Windows Dvd for my desk top machine to try and load just a stright up copy of windows on the machine, got that far, but still had the damn multiple partitions no matter what I tried, and after the installing directly from my windows disk, I wound up with no drivers (video,ethernet yadda yadda :censored:) So after some more attemps at acctually trying to get around Acers HDD set up, finaly decided that for now I would just get the machine restored so it could at least be used.

So falsh forward to using the three restore DVDs I made when we first got the machine :censored: install off of the DVDs goes fine, untill you are done, and it does its' last reboot into windows, and you are left with a black screen with a flashing s=cursor in the top left corner of the screen :censored: . So off to Acer tech support, with a quick e-mail, we did all of their steps right except for one "use the Acer System and Recovery CDs" exscuse me?? What Acer disks? :censored: SOunds musch like the Compaq I had years ago that was suppossed to come with two disks from the factory, but somehow they missed tossing them in the box at shipping time. So it will be off to Acer phone support, to inquire about these two disks :censored:

:biggrin: got to love computers sometimes eh??? :doh:

Tazer-[X] November 4, 2008 02:08 PM

If what you wanna do is Nuke the Hard drive, I would usgest doing a linux install and let linux go all the way until it finishes making the linux partitions. Than kill that install and do a vista install.

sswilson November 4, 2008 02:13 PM

Kinda late now, but for folks looking to get rid of all the crapware that ships with laptops and pre-built computers there's a program out there called the "de-crapifier" that does a fairly decent job. Welcome | The PC Decrapifier

enaberif November 4, 2008 02:18 PM

Just format the hdd and re-install Windows.

Saves a lot of headaches and troubles.

Then make a backup image of that with Acronis or something similiar.

misterlarry November 4, 2008 02:36 PM

sswilson, the Decrapifier looks like a great program. I've got it loaded on a thumb drive. Have you used it much? Thanks for the link.


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