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Default Android 5" GPS

So here's a little review write up I did,

I was in the market for a GPS. I no longer wanted to use my iPhone as a GPS as that uses quite a bit of my precious data. Looking at all the big brands, TomTom and Garmin mainly, nothing appealed to me. All seemed too expensive to do one little thing, pinpoint your location on a map. Like really, $200-$300 for a GPS? I'd rather pay the extra $10-$15 a month for more/unlimited data on my iPhone... plus I can use the data for anything. With a GPS, you are pretty restricted. Now I'm currently a high school student, my wallet won't open up wide enough for a fancy $200 GPS, I rather pull out the paper map out of the glovebox. Recently, I've made a few purchases on one of those Chinese product sites, I'm sure you've heard of them. Dealextreme, T-Mart, Alibaba, those sites. Searching around, I've actually found a few... for like $50 and will do the job just fine and guess what? Most of the GPS systems available either have Android or WinCE... what does that mean? I can play angry birds on my way to school!!

...Just kidding. Android has thousands of apps, that I can download and use. I was familiar with the Android mobile OS, which influenced me to pick up a Android-based GPS. Quite simply, these are smaller tablets with GPS capability.

The one I bought specifically, was a "Android 4.0 WIFI 5" GPS Navigator Build-in 8GB USA & Canada & Mexico Map".

I frankly didn't care about the maps, I was going to download a different nav app anyways. This was WIFI enabled, so I can tether with my phone. Android 4.0, which is not the latest, but decent nonetheless and has 8GB of storage to load up on more maps or apps. Only con here, is no bluetooth :(.

Took a week or two to arrive, but when it did it had the box just like in the picture... completely wrong lol. No, It doesn't bluetooth, the same CPU, optional digital TV, AV in, or even HD. It seems to be a generic box that most 5" GPS systems are shipped in. In the box is the GPS in a bubble-wrap type sleeve, a manual, a wall charger, a cigarette car charger and a USB cable, suction cup mount and a clip.

GPS has a battery, not the best one out there... but it works. Came with a little under 50% charge, the proper way to store lithium batteries for maximum life time. This allowed me to boot it up and try it out. Start up was a good 30 seconds or so. It also has a stylus with a slot, TF card slot, touchscreen, and a headphone jack... or use it as an aux into your vehicle's stereo.

It came preinstalled with an english version of Android. Along with a few apps, iGO GPS, HD player, FMT (radio transmitter app), GPS info (displays GPS info), along with the android apps (browser, google play, etc). It also comes with the fancy launcher, which is in tiles and un-personalizable :(.

I could see it needed a revamp of the Launcher UI. I swapped out the launcher with Smart Launcher Pro which gave be a wide multitude of options. I still liked the tile-look of the default one... but I couldn't find something similar. With the UI fixed up and looking good, I installed a few apps. Some needing to use internet, which I will tether (or make a hotspot) with my iPhone. I added TheWeatherNetwork, Navfree (as my GPS), GPS stats, Scanner Radio Pro, and Rdio.

Overall, I really like this GPS. Yes it was one of the more expensive ones at like $106, but it works well and I don't have any problems. Looks good, comes with everything needed and android! The quality of the GPS is nothing special, it seems to work well. I recommend it :D

PS if you notice in my pictures, the GPS is actually upside down... just so I could plug in the charger on the right side. Oh, and the default launcher doesn't rotate around like Smart Launcher.

Android 4.0 WIFI 5 GPS Navigator Build-in 8GB USA & Canada & Mexico Map - Tmart.com

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