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Dashock April 28, 2008 08:08 AM

Zalman Vf-900 on 8800GT ( AMAZING )
Hi all this is my video card XFX 8800 GT now i had the new bigger cooler its summer now so we all know how hot are computers can get. But what makes it even worse is when our video card is dishing out 60-70 degree temps into your case just makes your room boiling hot.

Before i had the stock cooler i had an Antec Spot cool fan right on the blower it kept my temps at

Idle 48-50- Summer Winter 45-48
Load 60-65 68 max Crysis

New Temps
37-39 Idle- Summer
Load 49-52- Summer
32-33 Idle- Winter
Load 40-45- Winter = Past few dayz have been cold up here in ontario my zalman 9700 on my cpu is idlein at 25 degrees

Now my room was getting way too hot and something needed to be done so i looked through a lot of reviews and frankly i love Zalman call me a Zalman fan boy i dont care but lol i have bought a lot of Zalman coolers currently im using a Zalman 9700 too cool my cpu but im going to go to the WC setup known as " Vortex Solution " Hopefully ill have it all done by the next month or so if Mr Vortex would be as so kind to give me a hand lol.

Anyways So i got the VF-900 and i know many of you who like a good deal i mean who wouldnt like a good deal so here is where you can buy it legit from a Zalman refurb person on ebay his name is refurbdoc im sure many of you will find him and he sells all Zalman goods with Zalman packaging but obviously its refurbished it comes out brand spanking new with a minor scratch here and there but nothing too worry about as i have never seen a side effect in temperatures.

Alright if anyone needs the link to this ebay guy just send me a message because i dont know if im allowed to post links so ill go the safe route and the reason im recomending him is because i have bought from him a couple of years and hes been awesome hes sent me extra ram sinks for my card i mean the dude is a genuine awesome seller and he has perfect feedback so its not only me that he treats well.

Anyways go the card ram sinks now a lot of people say that these things dont stick well use 99% ISO alcohol and make sure to clean the ram sinks because there is sticky residue now i dont know if anyone has opened up the new coolers maybe it is just XFX but they put a different kind of plaster almost you could say on the ram and the Mofset peices ill take pictures now i havent seen this in any of pictures of the 8800GT so i dont know if this is exclusive to the XFX model but it looks to be a lot better setup and it looks like it doesnt block as much as air as the setup before.

Alright im gonna post up pics of that and if anyone thinks its hard to change coolers it really is not so this is for the noobs out there as im a noob too so from one noob to another its not hard really. If you want to practice putting on the Ram heat sinks by all means get an old video card take it part and practice it took a little getting used to at first but you will get a hang of it. Just remember clean it with 99% Iso you can get it at Loblaws for 2 bucks its dirt cheap and clean all the paste i dont know who put it but god it was like a ton of paste on the video card gpu it was ridiculous i don't know if that helped increase the temps.

Once you clean everything using Cotton Swabs and preferably linth free cloths ma dad is a printer so when i went to the annual Printing convention is the exbhtion center in toronto i got companies to send me boxes home of cloths lol hey its high quality shit and cheap to well actually i didnt pay a dime lol.

Anyways so use some Artic Silver and put a grain they aint lying aboot just a grain and use a thin card to spread it and put on the Zalman in a criss cross pattern tight top left bolt then bottom left the top right then bottom right and work it like that so it applies pressure evenly. And put on the ram heat sinks and if you can without bending the card apply some pressure on it so it sits firmly id say leave it on its belly for about 8-12 hours i know its extensive but i think itll give it some time to heal oh and i use a blow dryer and kinda heated up the sinks as well as the cooler just for a tad bit then used cold air to cool it down aboot maybe 3-5 times i was trying to simulate the hot and cold process so the ram sinks would like bond better and well i dont think i did any harm to the card lol its working fine again use caution only a min max just got the heat sinks nice and hot.

Anyways ill post up more pictures to show the final product and only one ram heatsink fell off but thats because i placed it in an angle and it wasnt sittin right so it was my fault but im not too worried about it as i have a fan blowing on the mofsets and to conclude i know i wrote a lot and i know i have bad spelling to those who will write that for sure.

It was a worth while experience for very little cost the cooler itself i think costed like 25 bucks with ram heat sinks and i didnt want no giant heatsink on my videocard. I think the temps speak for itself. So ill post up more pics and if anyone needs help i will gladly help yea.

Quiet- 10/10 cannot hear it compared to the 8800GT cooler i had it running at 50% and its dead silent compared to the rest of my fans
Performance 9/10- 9 because im sure someone out there will point out a flaw or something wrong with it but for 25 bucks you cannot go wrong and took only 30 mins to install so ease of use as well.

Dashock April 28, 2008 08:45 AM


Thund3rball April 28, 2008 12:38 PM

I've got a VF900 on my 8800GT too. It works great! Since I transplanted it from my 7900GS I used Superglue and Thermal Paste to stick the ram sinks on.

Dashock April 28, 2008 12:59 PM

Ohh nono no superglue for me i figured i bought the XFX for warranty and it let me use a aftermarket cooler without voiding warranty just gotta keep stock cooler with me when i return it for rma if anything happens. The Ram sinks are stuck pretty dam good i tested it out on my Xfx 7300 Gt and its solid absolutely solid.

Dashock April 28, 2008 01:00 PM

The whole reason for this thread is i saw a lot of places saying the VF-900 is not adequate for the 8800gt compared to S1 and all those are hunky big coolers but this small cooler does the job while looking good and does not take up as much space as the others and its absolutely silent.

Cptn Vortex April 28, 2008 01:10 PM

Dude did you name your Harddrives Megatron and Optimus??? If so that is awesome.

Supergrover April 28, 2008 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by Dashock (Post 54592)
Ohh nono no superglue for me .

If you put the dab of super glue on the sink instead of the chip it comes off fine, just throw the GFX in a anti-static bag in the freezer for 5-10 Min's , take it out, twist the sinks and off they come, used this method since the Ti4800 days.

Thund3rball April 28, 2008 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by Dashock (Post 54593)
The whole reason for this thread is i saw a lot of places saying the VF-900 is not adequate for the 8800gt compared to S1 and all those are hunky big coolers but this small cooler does the job while looking good and does not take up as much space as the others and its absolutely silent.

The thermal tape on my ram sinks were kaput. I had to use another method for getting them on. I hope it's not murder to get them off if I ever want to? Maybe a blow dryer and a screw driver will be required? - lol

I think people say that the S1 does a good job without active cooling. And with fan(s) it does an even better job. That's all. Compared to the VF900 it surely does keep the card cooler, but the VF900 does a fine job too. I guess it just depends on how important absolute possible coolest temps are to you.

For me (and you) the VF900 is doing a fine job. I agree it is silent. It was on my 7900GS too so I already knew what to expect. I figured why buy another cooler, this one will perform nicely.

Dashock April 28, 2008 02:17 PM

Lol yep i called my hard drives Megatron and Optimus

I just hate seeing around forums when people say that the VF-900 is inadequate compared to bigger collers like the S1 or even the ZALMAN 1000 mind yu that looks sweet but its juust wayyy tooo big or even the Thermaltake i believe the HR-50 its just toooo big. The Zalman is an inexpensive solution and effective and very easy for first time users who are scared to mess around with opening their video cards.

Again if anyone new wants to go down this road and needs help with steps or something and dam i wish i knew earlier i would have so bought that block that guy made out of metal that looks reallly good but how good does it do on temp ??? The machine block that fits on the 8800GT a forum member made.

thatguy April 29, 2008 09:06 PM

are the ram sinks good enough for the chips? i plan to get a 8800gt soon

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