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hanyoukimura December 21, 2011 12:40 AM

ECS - Poor Customer Service
Is poor customer service common with ECS? Here's my story:

I purchased a A790GXM-A motherboard from newegg 12/18/2008. The reviews were good and it fulfilled the needs required of it. It's been fine right up until November when I the computer powered itself off randomly. Opening the case up I discovered that one of the CPU heatsink mounting bracket's tabs had broken. No idea how. plastic fatigue I guess?

So 11/29/11 I sent ECS an RMA request to get the motherboard repaired. At first things were fine. I had some trouble finding the serial code, and ended up calling tech support to find it. On 12/3 I sent ECS the required serial number.

Several says passed with no response, so I called tech support back up. This is where it gets interesting.

Near the end of our conversation he told me that it was "out of warranty" and would transfer the case to the service department. Now, ECS' warranty clearly states that motherboards have a 2 year Parts and Labor Warranty and a 3 year Parts Warranty from date of purchase.

Several more days pass and I hear nothing, so on 12/8 I contacted them to see what was up. Five days later on 12/13 I get a response back "We have consulted with the Service department regarding the matter they will get back to us and we will keep you updated. "

I haven't heard anything since.

Now, this isn't complicated. The plastic tab broke. It needs a new mounting bracket. All I needed was a new one. It's 4 screws I can replace it myself. I don't know why they've been dragging their feet. I was patient at first and up to this point I've been very polite, but after 22 days my patience has grown thin. In fact, a friend from Vancouver sent me a spare bracket via regular mail to me, on the East coast of Massachusetts in less time than it took for them just to respond to me.

So its fixed, no thanks to ECS. Great, but I won't be buying from them again. No excuse for dragging their feet like this. I've done RMAs with EVGA and not only were they very prompt in their service but their tech support was very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. The RMA process couldn't have been smoother.

Gigabyte too, was very prompt in getting me the RMA request approved and taken care of.

Soultribunal December 21, 2011 06:28 AM

Sorry to hear you have had bad luck with ECS. But it comes as no suprise to either myself or the members on here. I don't think in the years I have been on HWC I have seen an ECS board get suggested. Some manufacturers we know to just avoid like the PLauge.
Espically if they are not Tier 1.


DkRk December 21, 2011 12:17 PM

Based on reviews, it appears their build-quality has come a very long way. Shame that the service has not, and this case is inexcusable. It is not as if you've blown your circuitry from overclocking; plus the rep not knowing your warranty period also makes me wonder if he's trying to give you the runaround.

At least you got the part, no thanks to ECS. I wouldn't buy from them.

terrybear April 7, 2012 10:57 AM

This is a old thread, but I disagree. My build based on a ECS K7KT266A, AMD Duron 1 ghz & 266 mhz DDR1 was 1 of my 1st "modern era" builds that was not only cheap (basicaly whole box for $500), but when I slapped in a 64 meg Sapphire Radeon 9000 into it gave me a very high preforming setup vs even alot of my buds intel builds for quite some time.

Anyways, those of us whom are knowledgable enough will tell you that when your looking for a OEM-esque type of board that will be cheap, do what you need it to do with average - slightly above average preformance ECS boards will do the job nicely. In fact even been a few instances over the years a couple have been top or near top preformers.

Slithering January 14, 2013 07:27 PM

Just tossed a ECS K7 Board. It had an Onboard AGP 4X Accelerator Video Chip and SATA 1.5. It was pretty stable as well. Maybe ECS is struggling in this economic downturn and is trying to save some bucks.

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