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Dashock May 16, 2011 07:45 PM

Pending- Sony DSC-TX10/ Sandisk Extreme/Duracell Pro Photo Review
Alright ill be heading to the Americas this week as i hate a date with the court system but then doing some R&R in Phily so should be able to really put this baby to the test but before i got i just want to talk about SDHC cards. This week Futureshop has the Duracell Pro Photo 16gb Class 10 on sale and i compared it to the Sandisk Extreme Hd Video i just recieved today.


Duracell on the Left and Sandisk on the Right

As you can see my Lenovo onboard card reader has a max limit of 20mb read so with that out of the picture we can see the gap of 5 mbs between the More expensive Sandisk which i paid 53 dollars for and the Duracell which is on sale currently after tax for 30 dollars. I know we all trust Sandisk including me thats why i bought it and some might say its overkill on the Sony DSC-TX10 but i hate long wait times transferring files i sometimes just use it as a thumb drive. Anyways stay tuned this is actually my first actual purchase of a camera we have always won cameras from various contests, My brother did buy a DSLR i like compact designs and i wanted something that was waterproof as i am going overseas in August and i got a really good deal for this so i said why not.

This was a test video at the UFC weigh-ins i did get the camera the night before so i didnt realize that i was shooting this vids in the lowest of the three AVCHD qualities which is 9m it can do up to 24m FX.

Anyways this is a video zoomed at 4x we were very far away from the stage as u might be able to tell.

YouTube - GSP talks after weigh-ins.

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