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Pine June 17, 2010 05:12 PM

Creative Sound Blaster Arena Headset Review
So yesterday I picked up my wonderful Creative Sound Blaster Arena Surround gaming headset from Purolator. I ripped the elegant box apart and found a great headset. The bass is perfect for both gaming and music, the highs not washed out. When positioned correctly (2 finger widths from the corner of your mouth, just below your bottom lip) and combined with the silencer, the microphone quality on this headset was simply phenomenal. There was absolutely no background noise that I could decipher, and my air conditioner's on high. Even breathing straight forward deliberately didn't create much noise. The microphone detaches very easily (however it stays very stable when attached), which can come in handy when you just want to relax with some music and the microphone out of the way, and the microphone also firmly keeps its position. The VoiceFX feature sounded pretty corny when I first looked at this headset, and now that I've heard it first-hand, I can safely say it's an awesome and amusing feature that works nicely. The comfort is top level, the ear cushions are incredibly soft. It's like putting a kitten to each of your ears; You'll never want to take these off. The software is full of great features, with very useful tweaks you can do such as bass boost, cutoff frequency, a graphic equalizer, and so forth. The positional audio on these in stereo mode is just wonderful, and CMSS-3D sometimes just does wonders (however, it does require some tweaking to really put itself to use). The THX Jungle test sounded incredible with CMSS-3D, with the explosions deep and thundering and the mosquitoes high pitched and crystal clear. The crystallizer really makes some of the sounds crisp and rich without messing with the awesome bass, making this headset great for all music and gaming; I set the crystallizer to 85% for good measure. The inline controller is very easy to use with a click able volume adjustment, so it won't randomly change the volume of your music or game without your consent. The microphone mute stays firmly in place, so your microphone won't randomly mute. A red LED ring on the inline controller shows whether the microphone is muted, too. can get these for $70 at CanadaComputers, making this headset more than worth it. Feel free to ask questions!

I think that about sums it up; I would definitely recommend the Creative SB Arena you.

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