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BALISTX October 27, 2007 12:39 PM

Reviewer Tryouts: OCZ X-750 Equalizer Gaming Mouse
Reviewer Tryouts: OCZ X-750 Equalizer Gaming Mouse


Manufacturer: OCZ Technology
Product Number: OCZMSEQRD
Product Page: OCZ Technology | Products | OCZ Peripherals | OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse
Price: $32.50 @ NCIX
Availability: Now

Table of Contents

Product Information
Exterior Impressions
Performance – Everyday Use


Today we will be testing the OCZ Equalizer X750 Laser Gaming Mouse. In recent years the demands of new games (especially First and Third Person Shooters) have required a faster and more accurate mouse. Sure optical mice were faster than the old ball style but it appears that optical mice just weren't cutting it for gamers. In 1998 Sun Microsystems provided a laser mouse with their Sun SPARCstation servers and workstations. However, laser mice did not enter the mainstream market until 2004, when Logitech, in partnership with Agilent Technologies, introduced the laser mouse with its MX 1000 model and took the world by storm. It left gamers in awe of how fast and accurate the response of the mouse was during game play.

Product Features

Now lets skip ahead a few years to 2007 when OCZ along with A4 Tech came out with the X-750 Equalizer. The X-750 is based off of A4 Tech's X-750 X3 Fire Laser Gaming Mouse.

The OCZ X-750 Equalizer provides six DPI sensitivity levels from (600-2500) and allows you to see what DPI level you are at by the different colours the scroll wheel changes to. I really like that fact that OCZ decided to have the LED in the scroll wheel change colour to let you know what DPI setting you are using.
Here is a list of the DPI sensitivity levels:
White (Off) – 600 DPI
Green – 800 DPI
Orange – 1200 DPI
Red – 1600 DPI
Yellow/Red Flashing – 2000 DPI
Green/Orange Flashing – 2500 DPI

The Equalizer features the OCZ "Triple Threat" button . This allows you to fire three times with just one click making it easier than ever to hit the target. At the same time, the Triple Threat button turns double-click operations, such as opening files and applications, into just one click.

The X-750's ergonomic design features a no-slip grip as well as back and forward buttons on the left side of the mouse. This mouse connects via USB and does not include a PS/2 adapter.

Exterior Impressions

The X-750 Equalizer is a very aesthetically pleasing and they decided to go with the classic blue and black colour scheme with white and silver logos. I hope that maybe OCZ will offer different colour choices as not everyone is a fan of blue. Red, green, silver and black would be welcome colour options.
The ergonomic design fits perfect in your hand. The mouse has a nice grip below the foward and back buttons on the left side. However if you are like me and have shorter fingers you have move your hand forward to reach the "Triple Threat" button as well my thumb had to move forward to reach the first side button. This mouse has a good way too it, not too light and not too heavy and with the skinnier mouse cord it feels like you are driving a wireless mouse.

Here you can see the orange "Triple Threat" button to the left of the scroll wheel.

Here you can see the thumb grip below the forward and back buttons.

Installation was a breeze with the included software and uses your standard installation wizard.
The Equalware software allows you to set buttons to mimic keystrokes as well as setting up the standard mouse functions. I found the software very user friendly and straight forward.

Installation screen.

Here you can see the Equalware Software and how to mimic keystrokes.

Performance – Everyday Use

I really like the feel of this mouse and the ease of use. The mouse does not skip, even when using it on a desktop with not mousepad. I was able to change the DPI settings on the fly and found the best setting for me to use was the 1200 DPI - 1600 DPI settings for everyday use. I found the mouse at 600 dpi was way too slow and 2500 DPI was way to fast for everyday use, you move the mouse an inch and the cursor was across the screen.
The buttons left and right mouse buttons responded properly with no hesitation, as well as the back button. As I stated early in this review because I like to sit with my hand further back on the mouse, I had harder time trying to reach the "Triple Threat" button and the forward side button. However the "Triple Threat" button does work awesome when you want to double click on something without actually having to physically double click. I cannot say that me unable to reach those buttons is a fault of the OCZ, as the design this with the average person in mind. I have learnt to position my hand further on the mouse in order to reach those buttons.
The scroll wheel as little ridges which makes gripping it easy and the wheel moves freely up and down and there is not skipping when scrolling through pages.
I really like this mouse and other than the fact as I stated I have short fingers and had to change my hand positioning on the mouse (which is no fault of the OCZ) so far I can not find any issues with this mouse. The performance is great, the mouse feels good in my hand. I can really feel the difference in speed and accuracy going from an optical mouse to this laser mouse. I love this laser mouse so much I will never go back to an optical. It would be like driving a Ferrari and going back to a Chevette. (Okay, well maybe not a Chevette, maybe a Caviler)
I will be coming back and visiting this mouse again to do a long review as well as including a gaming performance review once I get my gaming system up and running. So look for that in the upcoming weeks.

- Performance
- Price
- Mimic Keystrokes
- Ease of use
- Design

- No PS/2 adapter included.

4.5 out of 5

I hope you enjoyed reading this review.

ebdoradz October 27, 2007 06:17 PM

i was looking foir buy one of those

nice Review

Mr. Cipher October 27, 2007 08:13 PM

Nice review! I really like this mouse alot, and I think I may get one. I am especially gung-ho about this "triple threat" button...no more triple clicking for burst round head-shots :bananafunky:

stoanee October 27, 2007 08:14 PM

Nice review. Looks like this mouse is going on my want list.:thumb:

ebdoradz October 28, 2007 07:36 AM

for 25$ you cant realy go wrong

OCZ realy made it cheap and it perform damn well from what ive read

BALISTX October 28, 2007 07:46 AM

It's a great performing mouse. I love it. Once I get my gaming rig up and running I'll install Far Cry and test it out. Look for that review in a few weeks.

Theblackmages October 28, 2007 09:19 AM

I have the A4tech X-750f which is actually the same mouse.OCZ didnt make this mouse they just put their sticker on it :P It's a good mouse and the burst button is really good for crysis and counter-strike source.I play lots of fps and I love this mouse.I don't even use a mousepad for it , it slides very well.the only con is the grip after some time starts to unglue from the plastic, my grip mouse just a bit so yeah.It does stay on the plastic.So yeah I bought my X-750 9months ago and it's still running strong :D . I recommend it and I can say that its a superior mouse to the MX518.

ineedaname October 28, 2007 03:04 PM

OCZ likes to put their stickers on a lot of things. ie. power supplies and coolers.

magictorch October 29, 2007 02:41 PM

That really is a good price for a precision gaming mouse. Liked the review. seems funny that they are going back to cords but if it works better and its cheaper.

arbb5 October 30, 2007 11:37 AM

Great review:thumb:. I am thinking I might purchase one of these myself, they also have them at tdDirect for $19.60, can't beat that good price for what seems to be a great mouse.
tdDirect.ca - Buy OCZ X-750 Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse 2500DPI USB Dual Laser Engine

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