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panzerfan October 3, 2009 01:42 PM

Razer Naga review
*Pictures coming eventually.

Comes in a box with support driver cd put into its own sleeve, and the sleeve is packed with Razer promotional material and certificate of authenticity as well as the trainer stickers. This trainer I found little need for however.

Razer Naga illuminates and has the signature Razer curve profile for the right and left buttons. The mouse is LED illuminated and it glows neon blue. There are 12 buttons that are pressed by thumb, while the forward/backward buttons are placed atop to the left of the left click, which is unusual, and to me the most difficult to get used to.

This scroll has no tilt function, but if you try to tilt the wheel to the right, it actually is mapped to turning camera 180 degrees in Aion, the MMO of test. Under browsers it allows for gesture scrolling.

The buttons are mapped to number pad or the number keys on the keyboard, and this can be toggled by a flip switch on the bottom of the mouse.

The mouse DPI has to be altered by a rather polished piece of software. There should be more MMO profiles coming out than what's available, so that part's a developing story.

Ergonomically speaking, I quite like it. It won't replace MX revolution in productivity and general usage, but for gaming it is quite nice. I think that it is fine for FPS gamers that don't grab onto their mouse with thumb, or that they do make use of number keys frequently. I got used to it quickly.

The mouse is worth it for me. I was lucky to be able to get it through NCIX basically today.

sumik November 11, 2009 06:39 AM

anyone knows where we can pick this up in the store GTA area ?

Bomberman07 November 23, 2009 09:51 AM

was looking for a new mouse. I mostly play mmo so i'll give this one a try :)

Thanks for the review

NiteOwl December 30, 2009 09:52 PM

I tried to find this mouse in the GTA for a week before i gave up and just bought it from razers website, said in stock, but after a week and order was still showing up as processing i called, they said the shipped it already, 3 weeks later it shows up, that's a whole month to get it!:) and i paid extra for express shipping:sad:

As to how good for mmo?
my main mmo for the last few years has been warcraft, last 2 years as priest healer, if you have played one then you know we have a metric crap ton of spells to use for healing:)

its been a few weeks now and i am still having trouble using more then 3-6 of the 12 thumb keys, as i try to use keys 7 to 12 i find moving my thumb to them i end up moving the courser off of my intended target and have to resort to my old mappings with shift and ctrl.

also the 2 normal thumb buttons that forward and back on web pages and the like are in the worst possible spot, i am getting used to using my left click finger on them but its a pain.

over all i do like the mouse and have no plans to stop using, but the learning curve for me at least has been and still is steep.

Technokat December 31, 2009 12:42 AM

who cares if you move your cursor off your target, it doesnt cast what you have it hovering over.....and if you are click selecting every target that is just fail.

NiteOwl December 31, 2009 09:20 AM


Originally Posted by Technokat (Post 310194)
who cares if you move your cursor off your target, it doesnt cast what you have it hovering over.....and if you are click selecting every target that is just fail.

it does in fact cast on who i am hovering over, all the thumb buttons are mapped to mouseover macros, if i want to cast on the tank and move over to some random dps by the time it gets pressed that is fail:)

i am disc specced priest, i never have to sit in group 6 7 or 8 for a raid, i know how to play, just saying the mouse has a pretty steep learning curve.

it might also be that i am in my 40's now and no longer have the twitch reflexes of my youth and pretty set in my ways:biggrin: but i am trying.

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