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Gadgetman February 12, 2009 09:24 AM

Memory Card Reader for Laptop
So, a few days ago i purchased a PC Card Adapter, i was tired of buying all those expensive USB-wires for my psp, cellphone, etc.:biggrin:
And after a few days , it finally arrived !:thumb:
It is just wonderful..
Finally i can put Music and games in my Psp, and cellphone memorycard! , And with HIGH Speed !
To start with , The Pc Card Adapter is very light and easy to carry,
You can just leave it in your laptop, and never take it out, because it has such a low Power consumption, No external power required!
The Pc card adapter is compitable with.
-SD Memory Card
- MMC / Memory stick
- Memory Stick Pro / Smartmedia TM
It is a very light Card reader, weights about 30g.
Easy to carry, not too big. 83x55x5mm

Is it worth the money ? , If you ask me, Definetly YES !
Quality and good price in one !

My rating of the EDUP PCMCIA MCR-51 5 in 1 Card Reader Adapter for laptop is definetly 5 of 5 !
$8.99 EDUP PCMCIA MCR-5A 5 in 1 Card Reader Adapter for Laptop - BudgetGadgets.com


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