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shogunsilly April 23, 2012 12:33 AM

The i7 3930k vs i7 2700k
Going to purchase a cpu in the next week or 2 (new build) and was originally going to get the x79 2011 socket i7 3930k, but after looking through reviews (intense and quick overviews) it didnt perform as id hoped. basically no game makes use of the 2 extra cores on there.

The 2700k kept coming out the same if not 10% slower. not bad for a 200 price difference though. Plus the motherboards are about 50 - 60 + more expensive also.

Has anybody had any personal experience with the 3930k or the 2700k before that could give me a better idea??

S. s

airdeano April 23, 2012 12:49 AM

from a perspective of necessity is why youd need the extra cores. large database querries, video editing and rendering, extreme graphic manipulation are prime examples of needing maximum processor power. 10% slower? 4.2GHz is 4.2GHx whether 3930k or 2700k they process at the same speed, but the 3930k uses six cores to do the processing instead of the four the 2700k utilizes. its efficiency of the utilization. since you are mentioning the "k" processors, it looks like you'll be overclocking as well. so make case air-flow, cpu heatsink and power supply choices that agree with what the "grand scheme" of the build is... look into builds that will be doing what your intentions are and pick your parts from those builds. once parts are "picked" find reviews of all those parts and find their relative usefulness to each other. and then you'll have a naughty rig, that fits your flair and needs..


shogunsilly April 23, 2012 01:29 AM

thanks for the response airdeano,

i wont be doing any photo editing or any other resource demanding things like that. purely for gaming.

i will be playing shogun 2 total war which can be quite demanding (getting an amd 7950 for gpu, maybe another 1 in a few months). Want to be able to play the game on highest spec and the same for many games out now (Bored of lag & low frame rates).

The reviewers were saying simular to what you just said. suppose you hit the nail on the head really. if its for photo shopping and the rest (dont know anymore of um) then yes. but i will just be gaming.

GT7R April 23, 2012 02:18 AM

Just gaming - 2600/2700K. More than that, for today's games 2500K is more than enough - I'd get that with the option of upgrading to an Ivy Bridge I5/I7 when ever you'll feel the need to.

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