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Neel March 13, 2012 11:46 AM

ROUTER TROUBLE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys i am having trouble with my router Belkin N300 wireless router modem. The internet connection is getting lost frequently but when I am using some other modem it is not happening, so definitely, the problem is not with my ISP........... my router system log is as follows:-

03/14/2012 00:10:57 login success
03/13/2012 23:47:23 If(PPPoE1) PPP connection ok !
03/13/2012 23:47:22 PPPoE1 get IP:
03/13/2012 23:47:22 PPPoE1 start PPP
03/13/2012 23:47:22 PPPoE receive PADS
03/13/2012 23:47:22 PPPoE send PADR
03/13/2012 23:47:22 PPPoE receive PADO
03/13/2012 23:47:22 PPPoE send PADI
03/13/2012 23:47:19 Delay 3 second before PADI retry.
03/13/2012 23:47:14 PPPoE receive PADT
03/13/2012 23:47:14 PPPoE send PADR
03/13/2012 23:47:14 PPPoE receive PADO
03/13/2012 23:47:14 PPPoE send PADI
03/13/2012 23:47:13 ADSL Media Up !
03/13/2012 23:46:58 PPPoE stop
03/13/2012 23:46:58 PPPoE1 stop PPP
03/13/2012 23:46:58 ADSL Media Down !
03/13/2012 23:41:28 login success
03/13/2012 23:41:16 If(PPPoE1) PPP connection ok !
03/13/2012 23:41:15 PPPoE1 get IP:
03/13/2012 23:41:15 PPPoE1 start PPP
03/13/2012 23:41:15 PPPoE receive PADS
03/13/2012 23:41:15 PPPoE send PADR
03/13/2012 23:41:15 PPPoE receive PADO
03/13/2012 23:41:15 PPPoE send PADI
03/13/2012 23:41:12 Delay 3 second before PADI retry.
03/13/2012 23:41:07 PPPoE receive PADT
03/13/2012 23:41:07 PPPoE send PADR
03/13/2012 23:41:07 PPPoE receive PADO
03/13/2012 23:41:07 PPPoE send PADI
03/13/2012 23:41:06 ADSL Media Up !
03/13/2012 23:40:51 PPPoE stop
03/13/2012 23:40:51 PPPoE1 stop PPP
03/13/2012 23:40:51 ADSL Media Down !
03/13/2012 23:17:49 If(PPPoE1) PPP connection ok !
03/13/2012 23:17:48 PPPoE1 get IP:
03/13/2012 23:17:48 PPPoE1 start PPP
03/13/2012 23:17:48 PPPoE receive PADS
03/13/2012 23:17:48 PPPoE send PADR
03/13/2012 23:17:48 PPPoE receive PADO
03/13/2012 23:17:48 PPPoE send PADI
03/13/2012 23:17:47 PPPoE receive PADT
03/13/2012 23:17:47 ADSL Media Up !
03/13/2012 23:17:32 PPPoE stop
03/13/2012 23:17:32 PPPoE1 stop PPP
03/13/2012 23:17:32 ADSL Media Down !
03/13/2012 23:01:48 If(PPPoE1) PPP connection ok !
03/13/2012 23:01:47 PPPoE1 get IP:
03/13/2012 23:01:47 PPPoE1 start PPP
03/13/2012 23:01:47 PPPoE receive PADS
03/13/2012 23:01:47 PPPoE send PADR
03/13/2012 23:01:47 PPPoE receive PADO
03/13/2012 23:01:47 PPPoE send PADI
03/13/2012 23:01:44 Delay 3 second before PADI retry.
03/13/2012 23:01:39 PPPoE receive PADT
03/13/2012 23:01:39 PPPoE send PADR
03/13/2012 23:01:39 PPPoE receive PADO
03/13/2012 23:01:39 PPPoE send PADI
03/13/2012 23:01:39 ADSL Media Up !
03/13/2012 23:01:24 PPPoE stop

"03/13/2012 23:47:23 If(PPPoE1) PPP connection ok !
03/13/2012 23:47:22 PPPoE1 get IP:"

this is the moment when i am loosing the net connection.......i bought it 2-3 week before........i cant get it fixed please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KaptCrunch March 13, 2012 03:33 PM

look for sticker ,,,, WHATS the p/n and version of unit ? does it match the below link

Belkin : Support F9J1002 Surf N300 Wireless Modem Router - Firmware

check the firmware version is current for your unit

bigFOIG March 13, 2012 04:20 PM

was it always like this when you got it?

Avenger212 March 13, 2012 04:27 PM

I bought the same router, but I called up Belkin having the exact problems and returned it to the store. If it is still possible you might want to consider returing it, because that is the only router I ever had problems with. I replaced it with a linksys router afterwards never had a problem since.

Neel March 23, 2012 03:36 PM

KaptCrunch, it is F9J1002v1 N300 Wireless Modem Router. There is SURF written in the name. My firmware version is 1.00.49. when i was having this trouble i called belkin and explained but they just helped me to update the firmware and thats it. I was using it with WIN 8 customer preview version at that time the frequency of happening this event was very high, so thought it has something to do with WIN 8 as it was a very buggy OS. so i switched to win 7 bt its still continuing....;(

Neel March 23, 2012 03:40 PM

bigFOIG, may be it is maximum 1 month old and i didn't have any trouble with it in the first week but after that the problem started bt i overlooked it, considering it to a problem from ISP bt it wasn't coz i plugged my old sterlite modem with netgear WGR614v10 and there was no problem........

Neel March 23, 2012 03:46 PM

the thing that i have noticed that when i am using this belkin N300 wireless n modem-router in bridge mode for an extended period of tym i faced no problem, no disconnection......... nothing bt the problem is that in that mode i cannot use the wifi of it.....and the light will always in fixed amber colour...... bt in order to use the wifi i have use it in PPPOE mode. in this mode the colour of the light will turn in to blue when internet is available bt in this mode i am facing this kind of unexpected trouble

Neel March 23, 2012 03:51 PM

Avenger212, u said that u called belkin after having this problem what did they say? and how did you manage to replace it with linksys coz once you buy a product if you face any problem you will be directed to the service centre of that product.........pls xplain in details

headsh0t March 23, 2012 05:14 PM


IT'S RIGHT BESIDE THE QUOTE BUTTON. THAT WAY YOU DON'T NEED TO POST 4 TIMES IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bigFOIG March 23, 2012 05:16 PM

i would try a factory reset. it's worth a try

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