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Goliath February 18, 2012 09:07 PM

Core i7 2600k VS 2700k
I want to know the differences between those 2 processors in real world 2700k is better than 2600k ??
is it worth getting 2700k isntead of 2600k for a mid gaming pc?
is it worth pay the extra 50 or 80 bucks more?

zsamz_ February 18, 2012 09:10 PM

nope not even worth it
even in overclocking situation

Silent_Avenger February 18, 2012 10:13 PM

Agreed the 2700k isn't worth the extra money not even if you are going to keep the chips stock. Save the money and put it towards a better SSD or something.

jibz February 18, 2012 10:26 PM

There is no physical difference in the two processors, there is a logical difference where the 2700k comes with a stock multiplier of 35 instead of the 2600k's 34. With both being unlocked 'k' processors you can simply go into your bios on a p67 or z68 motherboard and increase a 2600k's multiplier to match a 2700k.

In terms of overclocking the 2700ks aren't 'binned' or higher caliber than the 2600ks, it's still luck of the batch and you can get golden 2600k/2700ks and you can get poor 2600ks/2700ks.

So I would conclude that there is no difference between the two processors other than intel re-branding some 2600ks as something 'new' and 'faster'.

Bond007 February 19, 2012 08:08 AM

100mhz different. Buy a 2600k and overclock it by 100mhz (one multiplier) and they are the same. Don't go with the 2700k unless its within a couple dollars of the 2600k.

Dragonstongue February 19, 2012 10:37 AM

its pointless, there may be a very very fine difference in binning as in the 2700k has a slightly better stepping and reduced voltages for its stock clock rate, but for the price difference, you can get a 2600k with an aftermarket cooler and overclock it to equal or massively exceed the 2700k and still walk away saving $. It is marketing, some folks see the number 2700k and the slight clock speed boost and they are willing to pay the extra what $30-$50, but in the real world, the difference is so small, its not worth it. There is a very small amount of binning though, as if knowledge serves me, the 2700k runs a higher multi/clock speed and uses the same power as 2600k, so, in the real world, it matter nothing, both using the same stepping now, both are pretty much able to hit the same overclocking ceiling, so you basically are paying an extra $20 or so for an extra 100Mhz, which in my opinion is silly.

Goliath February 20, 2012 06:34 PM

ok thx for all the info on these 2 procesors now I know what to do thx

H-A-R-M February 22, 2012 11:32 PM

At some stores the 2700k is cheaper though.

Silent_Avenger February 23, 2012 12:18 AM


Originally Posted by H-A-R-M (Post 604873)
At some stores the 2700k is cheaper though.

While that may be true at some retailers if you do some shopping around or use a site like shopbot.ca the 2700k's lowest price is rarely lower than the 2600k's lowest price.

trayton February 23, 2012 02:24 PM

Let us know what you end up getting and what you get it to. I don't have a 2600K yet but I do have the 2500K and 2700K and love them both. Very good performers! Sometimes I notice differences other times I don't (came from i7 920 and i7 950)

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