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r3uz0r February 10, 2012 08:54 PM

Advice on case and graphic card
Hey guys! I'm currently building a new gaming rig and I would like your opinion on 2 things, but first, here's what I've chosen so far:

Asus P8Z68 Deluxe Gen3 + Intel i7-2600k + Noctua NH-D14 + Corsair DDR3 Vengeance PC3-1600 8 GB + OCZ Vertex 3 120GB 2.5″ SATA III SSD + Cooler Master PC Silent Pro Gold 1000W. (OC and WC is something is looking up to, tho the WC system will just be installed in the summer)

The things I wanna ask are:
- Is there any difference between the Cooler Master HAF X and the Cooler Master HAF X Nvidia Edition? any special features or its just the color?
- secondly, what graphic card would you guys recommend? I have around 450-500(euros) just for the graphic card and SLI/XFIRE is an option. Many people have recommended me 2xEVGA GeForce GTX 560Ti 2GB, others recommended the new 7970.

Thank you very much.
Kind regards,

SolisTech February 10, 2012 10:36 PM

I would recommend the 7970. If it's going to be built during the summer though, I would wait till NVIDIA comes out with their new line of products. I am not biased, but I like NVIDIA products better. I've owned a couple of ATI/AMD Graphics Cards as well. They were good.

Chose whether you like the HAF-X or the NVIDIA HAF-X better because they are basically the same thing except for a couple of things.

Furthermost, I always say this, but get a Hard Drive. an SSD should mostly be used for an Operating System and programs. I could also recommend a Hybrid HDD. You can store a lot more games on a HDD than an SDD. There will be almost no difference either, besides the game loading a bit faster.

r3uz0r February 11, 2012 09:45 AM

Thanks for the reply. When I said it I was going to install it in the summer, I was referring to the water cooling system ^^ I've read a bunch of reviews about the 7970 and I like it a lot, but some of them said that AMD added a 2mm plate, making it a bit difficult for them to "breathe" if you had xfire. Do you think that that can be a problem?

dlactin2408 February 11, 2012 03:39 PM

What kind of display are you using and at what resolution do you game at? I would reccomend a 7950 over a 7970 for a single monitor setup at resolutions at or lower then 1920x1200. I would not suggest 560ti's in sli right now you can get good performance with a single card solution and then if you want to add another 7950 in your rig later on. A 7950 can be had for under 400 euro's so you can put that extra money towards a better PSU. This may be a personal thing but I have not had good experiences with cooler master products and I think you would be better off with a XFX or Corsair 1050w.

r3uz0r February 11, 2012 06:26 PM

I'm using 2 monitors right now. The one I play with has a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050 (samsung 2233rz). About the PSUs, the little research I did suggested that cooler master was pretty cool, but since you said that, I will look into another brands. I didn't know XFX made them. I will take a look into them also, ty.

dlactin2408 February 11, 2012 09:39 PM

The 7950 will be overkill at that resolution, but I would still reccomend it if you are going to be using this build for a while. You should have no issue gaming at that res or higher (if you get a new monitor) for a few years.

r3uz0r February 12, 2012 11:17 AM

The 7950 seems pretty good. From what I've read so far, it has the same price has the gtx 580, but offers a lot more. Its a very nice option! But I also heard that the new gtx600 series will be out in march and that AMD will also be releasing new graphic cards early March. Can any1 confirm this info? cause if this is not true, or the cards will be out in April, I think I will go for the 7950.
Also, can you recommend me a nice screen that can handle 1920x1200 ?


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