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Linus September 30, 2011 07:17 PM

Looking for Surround Xbox 360 Headphones that also feature talkback (mic monitoring)
This is a question from groundwire123:


I have seen every video you have done on unboxings and reviews of your headsets. I am and have been looking for a headset for my xbox 360 and pc for many months now. Two things are a must. It must be surround. and it must have talkback (mic monitoring). I have still not found a clear answer to the following: Can you really get true surround out of 2 single 50mm drivers in a headset? these guys claim that you can. XBOX 360 Wireless Headset Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound | Ear Force XP500 | Turtle Beach.
Second, if you can't, do you know of a headset that has true surround and talkback? I can't find one. I really appreciate you reading this bro.
From your number one subscriber, groundwire123

by the way, since their is now going to be a us ncix store, i'll be ordering a lot from their for now on
I've got two things to say here that you're probably not going to like...

1. No, true surround sound cannot be produced from two speakers next to your ears. There are software layers that can be added to make it sound kinda surroundey, but it's not surround sound. Honestly if directionality is what you're after, a good pair of headphones will deliver that without the extra surround effects. Some people get some benefit from software surround, but many (myself included) just find it distracting.

2. I'm not much of a headphone expect. I know most of the PC headsets fairly well, but when it comes to console stuff I'm out of my element :(

Maybe someone else on the boards has an opinion to share on this subject?

groundwire123 October 1, 2011 10:03 AM

Thank you Linus for posting this for me. Yes you heard right, I am looking for a good headset featuring True directional surround sound and talkback or mic monitoring. I have done my share of research though I am far from done. I cant find anything any were featuring this. I am wiling to loose the surround, but its got to have really good sound quality. I mean, good frequency response, amplification, and a directional mic. Its also got to be compatible with both pc and xbox. If anyone has some good suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thank you again linus

Linus October 1, 2011 10:55 AM

Honestly I think the odds of finding a good quality headset that is xbox compatible is going to be sorta like finding a good quality wine that comes in a plastic bottle...

Steelseries has one but it's not as good as their top tier pc one...

Though now that I think about it, they also have an adapter dongle that turns a normal headset into an xbox compatible one. Grab one of those and a 7H and call it a day, maybe?

Killswitch October 1, 2011 01:19 PM

Hey groundwire123. Welcome to HWC.

I think you should look into this headset by Tritton.

NCIX.com - Buy Tritton Ax Pro Dolby Digital True 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset With Microphone PC XBox PS3 - Tritton Technologies - TRIGA611 - in Canada

TRITTON Technologies Inc.

They're a bit pricey but they're one of the best out there. They are true 5.1 headphones with 4 speakers per ear cup.

They'll work with anything that has either a digital optical output, or analog 5.1 3.5mm jacks.

groundwire123 October 1, 2011 02:39 PM

Considering tritton
Thanks kill switch for the reply. And thank you for the worm welcome. I was invited by Linus and I am really pleased with my stay here already.
I have looked at those tritton headsets, every last one of them. I have looked at just about every last headset manufacturer in the milky way galaxy. Those AX Pro's are really nice, as well as the CODBO special edition ones are TRITTON Technologies Inc. They just have one problem: no talkback.
At least their website doesn't say they do. However, I like the point that Linus made about the adapter. Though I'm thinking of something a little different, if the connectors coming from the headset are analog (3.5mm) Im thinking I might be able to somehow mix the mic out from the headset, with audio in to the headset. Sounds crazy I know, and Im not sure I explained it to well either. But in short, I could mix the audio and have the mic audio feed back to the headset. Creating a sort of.....virtual talkback feature. The AX pro's and the other I provided a link to are on the top of my list. I hope I can make this work somehow. I do need to know now what connectors are coming from the headset. If I do this mixing thing, They got to be analog I suspect. I'll be doing more research and thanks so much for the help. I appreciate anymore assistance I might be able to get.
Sorry for the long message, I tried to shorten it really I did.

Killswitch October 1, 2011 03:34 PM

I'm not exactly sure what "talkback" is since I don't have an xbox but, the Ax Pro's do come with a cable that links the headphones to the xbox controller, if that's what you're wondering.

groundwire123 October 1, 2011 06:52 PM

Talk back is a feature that enables the sound being picked up from the mic (your voice) to be played back through the headphones (speakers). So you can hear your own voice. Its really nice when you have noise canceling ear cuffs on the headsets. its also known as Selective Voice Monitoring, and Mic Monitor. Again, this is a must. But then again, I may have to decide which is more important: SVM, or surround sound.

Killswitch October 1, 2011 09:25 PM

:doh: Bah! I should have known what talkback was. I have a set of Tritton AX Pros without the digital box and my friend has a set with it. It's been a long time since I've gamed with them on, and I've tried a few pairs since, but if I remember correctly I could hear myself yakking away in them. :haha:

If I get a chance I'll put them on tomorrow and let you know, and I'll ask my friend if his have talkback as well..... in case there's a difference.

groundwire123 October 3, 2011 02:48 PM

I would really appreciate That. Yes I agree I think that for the price if they don't have Talkback they should. Their great headsets from what it sounds like, and really don't want to give up the surround if I don't half to. And if I understand Correctly, the ax pro's are the same (just look different), or just one model older than the CODBO special's are. So this tells me the black ops should have the same features if not more than the ax pros. I am favoring the black ops sets cause I do play Black ops and it would be a nice look.

groundwire123 October 11, 2011 11:22 AM

ok, I actually found a pair that feature both compatibility with pc, and xbox 360, surround sound (multiple speaker configuration), and Talkback (mic monitoring). Apparently the key to finding them was instead of searching under the category "xbox headsets" I found some compatible with xbox under the "pc headsets" category. This is one of them that I had found. PC Gaming Headset with 5.1 Surround Sound | Ear Force Z6A | Turtle Beach
Their is actually a few that will work and have what I need, but these I found to be the best choice for me. And with a price tag of only $100 that's not bad. In fact, I'll be getting too of them. Thank you all for the help. Would still like to know from Killswitch what the results were from the ax pro's. Would rather get them if they do have talk back or a way to loop the mic gain back through the speakers. I know you can do this on pc with a feature integrated into the sound card, but their is lag between the time you speak, and the time you hear it. and by the way, how long will/should this thread stay up and how do I delete it. or does someone else do that?

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