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Old July 1, 2008, 09:04 PM
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Default teeny tiny HTPC


Just wanted to show my itsy bitsy HTPC. Its not really an HTPC, more like a fancy music player. I use my big PC for playing HD content, etc. This is purely to feed music into the amp, without tying up my 'real' computers.

It's a Xenarc car-pc, its usually in my car, but since I'm not driving it atm, it makes more sense having it inside.

The PC is the tiny black box nestled between the wii and my receiver. It has a celeron 2.0, a 100gb HDD, and digital audio output... all I need for a music keg. Its actually smaller than the wii in every dimension. It has a slot to fit a slim optical drive, but I don't have one, and don't really have the use for one either, so I taped it shut ;)

I mounted a 7" drop-down touchscreen right below it, big enough for choosing tracks etc. I'm going to hook up a little webcam to the pc for home security on the cheap. Can you think of any other uses??
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