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Mibs May 23, 2008 01:44 AM

Resolution of Blu-Ray movies on PC?
I have a 22" monitor that has a native resolution of 1680x1050. As we all know in the HDTV world "full hd" or 1080p is a resolution of 1920x1080, meaning 1080 vertical lines. I recently bought an internal Pioneer BD-ROM and I've watched a couple blu-ray movies (Crank, National Treasure 2) and they look pretty sweet. I'm using the latest version of PowerDVD software. When PowerDVD opens the movie it is in a small window. So when I set it to fullscreen what resolution is it playing at? Since my monitor isn't big enough for 1080p is it playing at 720p and scaling down? Or is all that not important on a monitor and its just playing at 1050p? I've been searching the web and these forums trying to find some info and there are various opinionions. On another forum a user suggested that it is playing at 945p due to the scaling of the different resolutions. Talking about monitors vs. HDTVs is a little different I think. I purchased this monitor about 6 months ago before I even considered "going blu" with my pc since it's mostly used for gaming. So should I be kicking myself for not getting a 24" or bigger to get the 1080p resolution? I have nothing else to compare to so I don't really know just how good the picture quality is. I guess I should get a blu-ray version of a dvd I already own and compare.

CMetaphor May 24, 2008 02:44 PM

As far as I know... Just as an HDTV can "upscale" a 720p image to its native 1080p resolution, your monitor (and mine actually -Benq 22'') "downscale" 1080p images but cutting out a few lines to present it as close as possible to 1080p without going above the native resolution of the monitor. AFAIK, no monitor can "upconvert" or "downcovert" a 1080p signal since they have no conversion processors onboard like an HDTV does. For that reason, I highly doubt your movies are be pushed down as far as 720p, I think your monitor with powerdvd and downscaling it slightly in order to keep as much of the video information as possible. However, If you WANT to upconvert/downvert say, a standard definition dvd, then I'd suggest FFDshow which will enable that (even in win XP MCE) although you do need a higher system in that case since ffdshow isnt NOT easy on your computer. Hope all the info helps!

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