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HiTi October 20, 2013 05:31 PM

Streaming content program help or advice please
Does anyone on the forums have any experience with either of these programs?
I am looking to stream content to all rooms of the house with a easy to use GUI and perhaps the possibility of live tv or at least streaming online content.
Both programs by the looks of things and the reading I am doing, have their pluses and minuses.
XMBC looks extremely flexible,tons of add ons, and needs nothing to run on, while plex looks like a finished product but can't add as much too it
There is going to be a central "server" so to speak with amd 6 core.6 GB ram and dedicated gpu to serve up local content, along with a gigabit hard wired network to eliminate any hiccups.

So basically, can anyone recommend from personal experience one of these that would be easier for others( ie wife ) to use, as well as the possibility of streaming movies/tv shows online. Oh and most importantly, it has to be reliable
I've been using ps3 media server for the longest time , and it's time to move to something better.
thanks everyone

Perineum October 20, 2013 05:46 PM

Look into Plex.

I run xbmc, mymovies, and plex.

Pled allows access to your data while traveling.

HiTi October 20, 2013 06:50 PM

I just installed Plex,( both server and media center ) seems pretty easy to navigate and looks good.
I like the idea of mobile functionality with our phones and tablets.
Apparently I can use ROKU 3's and the should integrate fairly easily and be easy for the family to use.
I'm going to mess with XBMC a bit more on a spare machine, as it looks pretty awesome with all the repositories available.
Hopefully Plex will be able to handle multiple video formats ie mkv

Perineum October 20, 2013 08:15 PM

Yatzee remote for xbmc also allows android phones to stream... However that's just locally.

My server has the network share and runs the server for my movies and plex. My wife's computer runs xbmc directly off the network share.

Ignore grammar and spelling mistakes... I'm traveling and posting from my phone. Ick.

EDIT: my movies = mymovies.dk

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