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TheGomdoRi November 18, 2012 07:59 PM

Stumped - Would really appreciate help with remote/IR
Objective: I am trying to use: Apple Remote - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia with my PC to control foobar.

Why: I like the simplicity of the remote and feel/construction and I don't want a huge remote just for basic music control.

What I've found out thus far: The remote uses " NEC IR protocol[1] which consists of a differential PPM encoding on a 1:3 duty cycle 38kHz 950 nm infrared carrier."

- I'm going to need (1) remote (2) receiver - USB Internal Infrared (IR) Receiver Only with Cable and Mounting Bracket (3) software ??

STUMPED: Here is where I am having trouble... I am not sure which software I should be using to bind IR signals to commands for Windows 7.

The IR receiver does flash red when the remote is clicked but I tinkered around with EventGhost but failed miserably.

Any advice/tips/solutions will be greatly appreciated.

supaflyx3 November 18, 2012 08:08 PM

This might be of help: Using the Apple remote with a PC. Uroscion’s Weblog
What errors are you getting with EventGhost?

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