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dpk33 October 1, 2011 11:49 AM

TV Tuner card for HTPC?
Will any be able to pick up all of the channels that Rogers Cable has to offer? Channel 1-999?

Arinoth October 1, 2011 12:00 PM

There are very little to no digital tv tuner cards out there on the market that work, those that do are relatively expensive and are hit and miss

MAK October 1, 2011 12:05 PM

In short, no. None of the TV cards will directly display the Rogers digital channels.

Digital TV cards can display QAM, Analog, and ATSC signals.

QAM is the format used to send the digital TV channels through cable. Analog is still available on cable, but will be gradually phased out over the years. ATSC is over the air digital signals that you can pick up with an antenna.

Unfortunately, the TV industry has switched to using encrypted QAM. This means that even if you get a TV tuner with QAM and plug in your cable, the most you will see are a few channels broadcasting clear QAM, but the rest will be a garbled hash because of the encryption.

In the states you can get something called a cablecard. It is a special TV tuner card that has a slot in the back where you plug in a card you get from the cable company: the card has the codes to "decrypt" the QAM channels. It won't work in Canada: it seems Rogers in their 'wisdom' (sarcasm) have decided not to allow such a thing: they want you to use their cable set top boxes and their remotes.

The best you can do is get a Rogers cable box, then plug the output of that into a TV tuners' input. You will lose any HD signal (or see it in reduced resolution), and you may not get anything other than SD quality signals on the computer. It sucks, but that's what happens when there is no real competition and the big companies can do whatever they like.:angry2:

Gonzo February 25, 2012 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by dpk33 (Post 553893)
Will any be able to pick up all of the channels that Rogers Cable has to offer? Channel 1-999?

If you use a Rogers Box, you can then use the WinTv (Hauppauge) Cards. You would need the IR Blaster Model that has a transmitter receiver that replaces the Cable Box Remote. When you pick a channel on WinTv using mouse, keyboard or Remote, it will send the signal to the cable box.

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