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biff May 10, 2010 08:57 PM

Need input on a planned ITX build
Since we don't have a SFF section I figured I'd post this question here since I think people here will be more familiar with this sort of thing.

The wife wants a little computer to put in the bedroom, and she's stated many time that she wants it to be small. Before I get the lectures, I know that the ITX platform is not the best performance per $$$ and a similarly priced matx system would be better but I really would like to do a ITX build... just for something different.

She wants it for basic web surfing, M$ Office, and photo editing... which realistically includes includes looking at them, maybe some cropping, and on the outside hitting shift+U in irfanview to sharpen the colours. It may go beyond that in the future but not too far. I figured I'd also add in music and BD play back capability where the BDs would be a rip that would reside on a network computer.

So, I was thinking on a Zotac 9300-I-E in a Apex MW-100. I may be getting my hands on a e6300 (or e5200) and 2GB of DDR2 ram, if not I'd probably get a e5300 and get the K version of the Zotac board and go with 2 or 4 GB of DDR3. I guess first off any yays or nays on those choices? I've been doing some research on power requirements and that all (at least on what I'm looking at) consume ~75W fully loaded which probably wouldn't happen in real life use. Problem is the PSU in the Apex case is rated 60W. I'm not above under volting/under clocking to get the power requirements down since it'd still be better than the ION offerings but I still think I'm asking for trouble trying to use the stock psu. Does anyone know if those psu's are upgradable?

Sorry it's a lot of vague half questions but I'd like to hear some opinions!

lowfat May 10, 2010 11:24 PM

If you will be getting the CPU for free than it looks alright. But if you don't have it I think it would make more sense to buy a Pentium G6950 + Gigabyte H55 ITX board. I am sure the 60W PSU will be fine either way.

tehpr0fess0r May 21, 2010 10:21 AM

I had the Zotac 9300-G-E running a Celeron E3200, 160gb 2.5" SATA and 4GB ram on a 60W (antec itx case) with no problems. I used it as a HTPC/Media server with no issues.

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