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tedeum April 15, 2010 09:20 AM

Asus O!Play R3 windows 7 sharing problem

I've got a Asus O!Play Air HDP-R3 and a computer with windows 7, and i've problems with the sharing folders. I've done everthing and i can't get the sharing folders to appear in the asus o!play, it ask me for credential everytime.
Here are the steps i've taken so far, with no sucess:

. I've share some folder in my windows 7 computer, and i've tried to see them on my asus, ask me for credential.
. I've created a user in my windows 7 computer, and give him permissions in the sharing folders, and then try to access the sharing folder from my asus o!play and use the user credentials, didnīt work
. I've updated the firmware, still didnīt work...

I dont know what else can i do.... Please someone could help me?

Thanks is advanced.

Nodscene April 15, 2010 12:34 PM

I wish I could help but they are notorious for this kind of problem. We have 2 in the house right now, one was already replaced because of this. The second one started acting up and is just in a box right now waiting for me to get around to trying a firmware update etc. So out of 3 units total, 2 have had this problem. Unfortunately can't return the last one as it was past the 2 week exchange period at Canada Computers.

trayton April 16, 2010 01:03 AM

Not sure if I'm allowed to link off site here but if you go to the ASUS website and their forums, multimedia, etc.. there is a post that walks you through this completely if its cool I'll link you to it.

I have one as well and also got one for my inlaws theirs busted about a month ago, then I just did the new firmware to 1.12 (from 1.09 for them and it works again).

Nodscene April 16, 2010 08:28 AM

That would be great if you could link to it. I don't believe there are any forum rules about it.

I kind of gave up on the forum a while back because there were never any real solutions to these problems at the time and a ton of people complaining. If this works I'll be a happy man.

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