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jspot69 March 5, 2010 08:38 AM

Another Atom HTPC build...
HI Guys,

I'm looking for builing myself an HTPC/NAS computer. Since I already have my gaming rig hook up on my tv, i'm not planning playing high def. game on the HTPC. Right now I only play DVD, but I'm looking for HD ( blu-ray ) playback content in future. No TV tuner because i'm on Illico and I don't have the recorder one.

As for the NAS thing, I'm planning to leave it on 24/7, so power consumption is required. All I want to backup in mirror my family picture, music, download box and later my DVD collection. ( Since Kids vs DVDs don't go well together :P )

I'm still not sure about the ATOM because of some people said it's working great and other don't, so since i'm really happy with the built I made last year with your help. I'm totally confident in you guys :thumb:

So in resume:
- DVD + Blu-ray ( Files and media ) playback.
- XBMC as front-end
- File sharing ( in background )
- 2 HDD of 1TB in mirror

I was thinking about using:
RAM: 2GB of the cheapest DDR2 800 ( 2x 1GB )
HDD: 2x 1TB WD green or Samsung Ecogreen ( depend of the best price I can get )
Main HDD: 4GB USB key or maybe later an 16GB SSD
CASE: nMediaPC HTPC 5000B or APEX MI-008
REMOTE: Logitech Harmony ( later.. )

I think this is the most Eco friendly I can get as WAF ( Wife approval factor )

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