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slay3r December 2, 2009 02:26 PM

Just curious, what Back-Ups are you guys using with your htpc and LCD TV?

My htpc has a 400W Psu, and with the psu calculator said its 188W from the outlet. I have also a shawdirect Hd satellite, HD-PVR, 46'' Samsung LCD that i would like to put on UPS also but now i am confused which Ups should i get.

Which one would you recommand? I've read APS make good Back-Ups, and i think i need the unit to be with sine wave output to be effective with other A/V equipements?

I dont want it to last forever, maybe like 5mins, just enought time to auto-close my systems. I guess only the computer will be properly shutdown using the software? What about other equipements? Will they get damaged by getting shutdown when battery run out if i dont manually turn them off?

How long will the battery last? The replacement battery seem as expensive as the back-ups alone. I hope the battery last a reasonable time ... Will the battery degrade overtime if its not getting used when there is electricity shortage?

Perineum December 2, 2009 11:38 PM

Bigger the better. I'd go 1500VA for my setup....

slay3r December 3, 2009 09:28 AM

how about the fan noise? Where do you put that "Big" 1500 ? not much room in my tv cabinet and its heavy!Is the 1500 overkill for my situation?

misterd December 3, 2009 11:28 AM

My UPM power meter measured at the most just over 400W when i had my HTPC (while crunching Rosetta) + PS3 + DVD Player + Receiver + Digital Cable box + my precious 46" Sharp Aquos. Everything was on. I probably didn't have the PS3 actually playing a game or a DVD spinning or music blaring, but that's a rough guess for you.

I have an APC 1300VA NCIX.com - Buy APC BACK-UPS RS 1300VA 780W UPS 8 Outlet 340J LCD Display RJ-45 Protection - BR1300LCD In Canada. and it's just powering my network gear + fileserver + PC router. I don't know the load on it right now, but I know I can't hear it.

PS: Holy jeeze the markup on those UPS's is insane. I bought this from Futureshop on staff pricing while it was on sale and it wasn't much over $125 if I can remember correctly.

odis172 December 3, 2009 12:28 PM

Im interested in this as well, need a ups for my main rig and htpc-soon to be fileserver. I was looking at the apc 900 Canada Computers - Power Protection > UPS/Battery Backup : APC (BR900) Back-UPS RS 900 - UPS - AC 120 V - 540 Watt - 900 VA - 7 output connector(s) . as it has line conditioning. Apparently you can setup a script on the pc thats connected via usb to the ups, to shut down other computers.

slay3r December 4, 2009 09:44 AM

Alright thanks you this give me a rough idea.
125-150$ is about what i plan to throw for a back-Ups.
Gonna be aware of the christmas sale at futreshop :thumb:

When did you buy it? How long will it last before you change the batterie? Have you changed it yet? How much time you have when unplug from outlet on your setup?

slay3r December 12, 2009 09:25 AM

Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit: 45.00 dBA

Wow thats noisy...

slay3r December 16, 2009 11:02 AM

What do you think about this one? A bit overpriced for what i want to pay but this could fit under my tv
Belkin PureAV Home Theater Battery Backup with AVR 1200VA 640W Line Conditioner 5500J 8 Outlet Black

misterd December 16, 2009 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by slay3r (Post 302928)
What do you think about this one? A bit overpriced for what i want to pay but this could fit under my tv
Belkin PureAV Home Theater Battery Backup with AVR 1200VA 640W Line Conditioner 5500J 8 Outlet Black

You're paying for the form factor / sleekness of it.

Those APC 1300VA are currently on sale until Thursday night @ Futureshop for 169.99 Future Shop: Computers: Desktop Computer Accessories: APC 1300VA UPS Battery Back-Up With LCD (BX1300LCD-CN)

So for all my equipment plugged into the UPS I pull ~180W. This is my 2950T 24 port Cisco switch, D-Link DGS-1008 switch, Motorola SB5101 cable modem, my router pc (1.8Ghz Celeron) & my fileserver. (3800+ X2 with 7 HD's) According to the UPS itself, I should have roughly 30 mins of battery before it's drained. I mostly got it because the power flickers a lot here, not really dropping, but still lots of variety in the quality. This was before I moved out of town, and who knows what this winter will bring on the island.

Ask for more! :thumb:

slay3r December 16, 2009 12:45 PM

Wow thanks! The APC 1300VA at Futureshop is so tempting specially with free shipping! Can I put it on the side to be able to fit under my tv? What about the noice on theses?

Noob question;
can u use more than the 8 output connection by using multi ouput connector? I know the battery will drain faster but i need about 10 inputs. Is it doable?

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