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Old March 11, 2009, 05:40 AM
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My System Specs


nero will downgrade only if you don't have the codec for nero i do hd and blue ray with full 5.1 sound great on my z5500 so i am sure it works and i don't now what one your using but try a newer one and some codecs like ffdhow and may klite or lazyman take your pic imo nero 8 is the best avc encoder there is just learn how to use it (audio output your choice) pcm only under nero digital try avc or many of the others depends on quilty you want)
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Old March 14, 2009, 08:29 AM
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The Vista version of Movie Maker, to me, is actually a little decent, for cutting shit out that you don't want.
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Old March 28, 2009, 08:31 AM
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Default Videoredo

I have some experience in dealing with off air recordings and cutting out commercials.
I've been recording off air HDTV since 2004, all of it saved as transport streams (*.tp files). The best editing software I have found is Videoredo. It's easy to find on the internet.You can download a full function two week trial for free.
It's about $50 or $60 US, but there is no substitute I have found. I stopped looking, however, since Videoredo works so well. It handles all forms of mpg files.
Videoredo is lightning fast, allows frame accurate cuts on 1080i or 720p raw files, it handles multiple streams elegantly (WGBH here in Boston broadcasts four programs on one transport stream) and converts between .tp/.ts/.mpg formats. It only recodes at the cut site. All other frames are kept intact. Even better, Videoredo has good error correcting ability, if your source wasn't pristine.
Videoredo doesn't do anything else. Doesn't handle mp4/divx/avi etc. Even so, if you have as many recordings as you say, Videoredo will save you endless aggravation.

After I have the edited hidef/DVD/SD mpeg file, I compress the files using Nero Recode.
It's my guess that detractors don't know how to use it. The instructions are meager and poor, at least in English. They are geared for the person not wanting to use its many options.

I convert 1080i HDTV mpg files to 540p mp4AVC files. The file size goes from about 4.7 gig (41 mins after commercial cuts) to about 700 to 800 mb. The results look great at a 2.4 mbps encode rate, dual pass. Most transcode software I've seen is very awkward to use for output files that are larger than 480p and smaller than 720p/1080i.

Once you figure out how to use it, you can get excellent output files that are exactly the spec you want. I output to plain mp4 or mp4 AVC, with pixel accurate cropping, at the specific resolution I want, with or without AVC's extra complexity options. Recode lets you choose the audio output type you want. It handles batches of files elegantly. It has a consistent interface that avoids mistakes.
Personally, I doubt you can find transcode software that is usefully faster than Recode. If you want speed, Recode has four settings that go from fast/not so great quality to slower/great quality. You also have the choice of single or double pass.
There may be better transcode software for specific output types, but for ease of use and broad choice, I'm happy with Nero Recode.
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Old March 28, 2009, 08:41 AM
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Default Videoredo, again

I forgot to address the audio synch issue.
Videoredo handles audio well. After you cut out commercials, the audio will be prefectly synched. It does a good job of fixing audio synch in files previously edited in software that causes audio synch issues.
I had this issue with lots of older software platforms I tried before using Videoredo (pinnacle/adobe/ulead/vegas).
It either corrects the synch issues automatically, or it (sigh) at least lets you correct the out of sych file manually.
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