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dosmond February 27, 2009 03:41 PM

Western Digital WDAVN00 HD Media Player
I hope this post is in the right forum...
I'm after seeing a few reviews on the
Western Digital HD Media Player,It's an interesting little device that allows someone to play back HD media files on their HDTV... and seems like a good alternative to building a HTPC

File Formats Supported
Music - MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV/PCM/LPCM, AAC, FLAC, Dolby Digital, AIF/AIFF, MKA


Video -MPEG1/2/4, WMV9, AVI (MPEG4, Xvid, AVC), H.264, MKV, MOV (MPEG4, H.264), MPEG2/4, H.264, and WMV9 supports up to 1920x1080p 24fps, 1920x1080i 30fps, 1280x720p 60fps resolution

It all sounds nice and they sell for about 120$ canadian when on sale, What I don't like is there is no built in storage, only usb connectivity (flash or hard drive), and there is no network connectivity, either wired or wireless.

Anyone here actually have this device? Does anyone know of a competing device that has network capability?

thenewguy001 February 27, 2009 04:00 PM

there's a thread on it here: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum...-149-99-a.html

JD February 27, 2009 04:01 PM

There are tons of similar devices that offer Network Support....

For example:
D-Link Wireless Media Players
Linksys Video

Though this sounds the best: D-Link DPG-1200 PC-on-TV Media Player
Displays whatever is on your PC screen. Everything but DirectX stuff (aka gaming) is streamed to your TV. However it seems like video playback is only 640x480 yet the desktop resolution is 1280x720.

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