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Rison December 12, 2011 06:12 AM

Folding stats not working..
Well, stats haven't been updating on the servers. I sent two bigadv workunits on Sunday + lots of other ones on my other folding name, and still nothin'.

info here: Folding Forum • View topic - Stanford Network Issue


sswilson December 12, 2011 06:14 AM

Yeah, they've been down for over 24 hrs. Started with a lack of "chilled water".....

chrisk December 12, 2011 06:20 AM

Stanfors experiencing network issues:
Folding@home: Network issue at Stanford

Lots of various threads on FF of folks mentioning stats issues, WUs not available, uploading, no stats at all, etc.

MARSTG December 12, 2011 06:57 AM

I don't get it, they cool their servers with chilled water, or what? I don't see the connection... And the units done in the meantime are lost, or they will be reported later? Because it says that Sunday I did only 1646 PPD and I usually do at least 20k PPD

Shredder December 12, 2011 07:55 AM

I guess it is fixed and backlogged a bit, I did have a 5 day crunch time bigadv wu finished up in time for the outage, hope it isnt a base point effort.
"Out of chilled water"...a foreign concept.
Whats it cost to send the servers North for the winter anyways? :canadianwave:

Rison December 12, 2011 07:56 AM

Yeah, i'm guessing Stanford uses either geothermal or something like that to cool their server room(s).

I don't know about the workunits which have been submitted since Saturday night - we're all waiting to see the outcome. And I hope the bonus calculations don't go all wonky because of this.. bigadv units pretty much rely on the bonus to be worthwhile. Hopefully at least the science is useful / meaningful when this is all said and done, and not a waste of a few days of peoples folding efforts.

stoanee December 12, 2011 08:33 AM

Team output @ 1.9 mil.......:blarg:

Tim_H December 12, 2011 10:15 AM

like you said Rison, Chilled water is likely being used for the AC system. it can be chilled by different methods, ie. cooling tower, heat exchanger, geothermal... as far as being out, that could easily be a pipe break or equipment failure.

Hopefully there aren't any lost wu's as a result of the outage.

MARSTG December 12, 2011 12:47 PM

I let the units finished on the GPUs and I paused them, only the SMP is still working. I won't restart them till the issue is finished

chrisk December 12, 2011 01:04 PM

The advice I see on FF is that credit will still be given, so I would continue as normal. That said, I certainly am not in a position to guarantee anything, and I have not seen anything official from Pande on it...its just the recommendation from folks folding for a while.

I do recall a similar outage in the past, where all of a sudden folks had massive points credits to make it. I don't recall it being this long, so the backlog must be enormous.

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