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PerryC June 16, 2011 04:57 PM

Extra Client??
A little confused here. My old E6300 is still chugging along at about 1 WU a day. Checked my stats today for the heck of it and saw this. Yeah, I know really scary ppd production :sad:

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I have checked my computer's task manager and only have one client running. The only time I had a second client running was during the CC, I had one running on my laptop, and it hasn't been running since the end of the CC.

So where did client number three come from??

chrisk June 16, 2011 04:59 PM

If you do a reinstall a new machine ID gets created...I would say that is what happened, or you changed from one client to the next.

_dangtx_ June 16, 2011 05:02 PM

it can take a while for the real number of active clients/cpus to stabilize. look at mine. sure as heck i dont have as many under me name :)

PerryC June 16, 2011 05:04 PM

I thought about that as well, but I haven't changed a thing at all since I started it folding. Going to have to keep an eye on it for the next few days to see if the active client changes at all.

_dangtx_ June 16, 2011 06:46 PM

well,unless when you go to libraries and stuff you forgot to not put your username? then there shouldnt be issues L:D

MARSTG June 17, 2011 06:33 PM

You have an HD5750 with 720 cores. your PPD production should be close to mine. maybe you should install the V7 client if not already done

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