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frontier204 June 2, 2011 07:28 AM

Got a nVidia Optimus GT 525 to fold GPU3
Hello all,

I just wanted to share that I got a laptop with an nVidia GT 525 Optimus to fold. Note that I needed to get both the Intel IGP and the nVidia drivers from the SAMSUNG web site (my laptop's support page) to get this to work. With the nVidia web site "Verde" drivers, the dedicated GPU refused to turn on causing EUE (unable to start core) instantly, despite the fact that OCCT's CUDA test would still run with the Verde drivers.
With the laptop manufactuer's drivers, I didn't have to change ANY settings after using the "clean install" checkbox in the nVidia drivers installer. I merely uninstalled the Verde drivers, and installed this one on top of them. It looks like nVidia already has profiles for a bunch of FAH cores, including Core 15 which tell the dedicated GPU to be used.

Here's the result in a screenshot to see the result:

I'm not sure what to say about these results - it's a lot worse than what SKY posts for higher-end nV GPUs, considering this laptop GPU is similar to a desktop GTS 550 cut in half and down-clocked, but it still beats out my desktop's Radeon 4870 for something like a seventh of the power consumption. I'm in FS's 30-day return period for the laptop so I'll keep this going :bananafunky:

EDIT: In case my config matters, I deleted cudart.dll in my (console) folding directory, and the trailing end of my F@H config file is as follows:

extra_parms=-verbosity 9





_dangtx_ June 2, 2011 08:39 AM

3k for a not very expensive lappy is decent!

hows temps? :)

frontier204 June 2, 2011 02:37 PM

Temps are as the GPU-Z screenshot has it - quite comparable to a desktop GPU folding. The fan doesn't ramp up that much with GPU-only folding either. I can barely see any load on the CPU from the F@H core, unlike GPU2 on a low-end CPU which eats an entire core whether you're on ATI/AMD or nVidia.

Adding the CPU crunching into the mix though (2x WCG BOINC tasks, one for each "real" core) make the fan quite loud, say, on par with the Zalman VF-1000 cooler on full.

I can't get a good reading from my IR thermometer on the laptop exhaust, but it's on the back so let the person sitting across from me worry :bleh:

_dangtx_ June 2, 2011 03:02 PM

very nice!

no fan control right?

but hows temps for the rest of the system? load up aida64!

Mathus January 26, 2012 08:48 AM

I have been thinking about running the V7 FAH client on my laptop with a Core i7 2670QM and nvidia GT555M but I found that the temps always go to about 94 celsius so I am a bit worried about frying my GPU. Anyone have thoughts on this and if it's safe or should I just stick to CPU folding on the laptop.

MARSTG January 26, 2012 09:29 AM

your cpu should give you around 8k ppd, i think would be safer to run just on it. if you want to run your gpu too which should give you around 6k ppd at those 144SPs your GPU has, you will have a noisy laptop.

Mathus January 26, 2012 09:34 AM

I will just still with the CPU folding then. I still have my desktop and PS3 to fold on as well. Thanks for the advice!

Silent_Avenger January 26, 2012 12:08 PM

3000ppd isn't bad for a mobile gpu but I'd be worried about folding on a lappy. Mine hits 75c running smp on a phenom ii x4 N970. :/

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