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chrisk October 26, 2010 05:16 PM

Heads-up for GPU3 users with older GPUs: updated client
An updated client was released for GPU3 users today. Mostly affects G80/2xx series users:


New v6 clients (systray/console) are available at http://www.stanford.edu/~friedrim/Foldi ... xe_console and http://www.stanford.edu/~friedrim/Foldi ... xe_systray (Version 6.40r1); you will need to remove '_console' and '_systray' from the file names.

The major change to these clients is that the gpu species is now based on the compute capability of the board. In the earlier v6 client, the species was based on the installed version of the CUDA runtime libraries. The new gpu species values are

Compute capability -> gpu species

1.0 -> 10
1.1 -> 11
1.2 -> 12
1.3 -> 13
2.0 -> 20
2.1 -> 21
unknown -> 0

The motivation for these changes is that NVIDIA GPU3 cores cannot run on boards w/ compute capability 1.0. If a WU is run on these older boards, it will crash.

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If you have non-fermi based cards, I would still use GPU2 as the PPD is usually higher, but there is supposed to be greater stability.

This update increases the stability of GPU3 for older hardware.

If you use GPU3 and fermi, I would not worry about updating now until v7 of the client...

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