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switch33 January 7, 2010 05:08 PM

Windows 7 Sleep mode
Is there a way around Windows 7 entering sleep mode while folding clients are running other than manually turning off sleep mode? I've tried changing the folding clients to 'normal' priority as suggested on another forum but that didn't help.

I use an unattended Windows deployment for PCs and want to run folding clients on each one during the 24-48hr 'bench' time before they get sysprep'd and sent out. Any manual settings that have to be set is detrimental to our deployment method and with each machine capable of 2K-10K PPD depending on config, it could be a folding gold mine with 20-30 systems a week getting a WU or 2. :ph34r:

bissa January 7, 2010 05:23 PM

that would be insane, and unless it is required to have the sleep mode, you could just make a setup that does not have it turned on.

switch33 January 7, 2010 05:32 PM

Yeah, the problem is the default image we use from the Windows 7 DVD has power features enabled and there doesn't appear to be a power option in unattended xml installations. I have tested turning it off manually then sysprep'ing the machine and setting up the new user after restart and noticed that it does not reset the power options back to default. So currently I'm manually turning it off then back on right before I sysprep it. The closest thing I've come across is setting up a registry file for power options and importing it during install, then setting up a 2nd registry file with default power options and importing that during shutdown which could be run automated in batch files but I'm hoping for an easier fix.

4DoorGTZ January 7, 2010 05:57 PM

Wow, that kinda made sense.... I think thats gonna be the best bet. When I got my laptop I tried out the bigadv units, and left it on overnight (so I thought) but in the advanced tab there is the sleep mode after 360mins. I had just turned all the main settings to "stay on" but didnt find that burried one until I woke up in the morning to a silent room.

switch33 January 8, 2010 02:31 PM

The problem is sleep mode now really doesn't care whats running for applications and will suspend them, it seems to base its idle timer on direct input. I found people complaining about it on a video rendering forum where their renders where being suspended in Windows 7 and the PC was going to sleep.

I did however find a solution to my own problem, setting power options in command line using powercfg.exe. I can tell it to use the 'high performance' profile (no sleeping) through our install batch file and then reset it to use the default 'balance' profile during the sysprep script. :biggrin:

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